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1/27/13 7:29 P

Perfect! Thank you so much!

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1/27/13 4:38 P


Have you used SparkPeople's Fitness Plan Generator? (see link below)...just a thought...

I hope this helps!

Coach Nancy

1/27/13 4:24 P

I have about 30 pounds I still need to lose. I currently work out on average 5 mornings a week. However, I typically just do the elliptical for 30 minutes or run 2 miles. I desperately need to amp up my work out, but I have NO idea what to do. My gym offers classes, but none of them will really work with my schedule- the only one I can possibly make work is a water aerobics class, so I'm considering trying that.

My gym does have personal trainers, but none of them are there at 5:30 in the morning when I work out. Does anyone have any websites or suggestions that might be able to help me put together a more structured or specific plan for what I should be doing??

Thanks so much!!

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