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Every box that I've looked at requires you to take 4 "foundations" classes to learn the moves and form before you start doing the full classes. For most of them, the first one is free. Take advantage of that to see if the teaching style works for you and your goals.

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read the trainers' bios..
are the classes at good times for you?
do they have intro classes? (i've noticed some boxes do and some don't)

ultimately really do need to see the place in person. You can get a good feel about whether it's beginner friendly or all Pukey the Clown and Uncle Rhabdo in there.

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I'm interested in joining Crossfit, but a quick Google search turned up 10 different Crossfir boxes within 20 minutes of my house. How in the world do I choose which one to join? Obviously I prefer the box with the most knowledgeable trainers, but being that I know next to nothing about Crossfit, how can I evaluate them? What other criteria should I be using? I'd prefer not to visit every one of the 10 boxes...

Any advice on choosing a Crossfit box would be greatly appreciated.

Gwen :)

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