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10/9/11 11:08 A

Yes, it did. Thanks.

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10/9/11 9:31 A

Hi Bobby,

You cannot add a favorite on your app, but you can create your strength training workout using your favorites exercises on the website (you must create your own workout, versus using a SparkPeople generated workout) and once you do so, you can then track them from your favorites on your app.

I hope this helps!


BOBBY17543 Posts: 8
10/9/11 7:59 A

I like to use the Spark People App on my iPhone.

But it takes awhile to find the exercise I regularly choose in the app.

Is there a way in which I can add my usual exercises as a favorite, so that I need not search for them each and every time ?

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"I ams what's I ams" -- Popeye
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