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POETICA7 SparkPoints: (9,026)
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2/5/13 12:05 P

I've already posted my transgressions, but I'm happy to say that this morning my weight is back to what it was pre-Superbowl. It had gone up 1.8. I'm doing the happy dance.

RIET69 SparkPoints: (47,087)
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2/5/13 11:58 A

I made thin crust pizza and I had a couple of slices of that and 4 oven baked chicken wings and two glasses of wine. I stayed away from all the other goodies that were available. Went over a little, but not too much and got to eat some of my favorite food.

MAXIET Posts: 329
2/5/13 11:29 A

Did well. Ate smaller, spaced out portions. No chicken wings!

SBURDEN Posts: 10,622
2/5/13 11:20 A

Good. I mapped out my intended food. I made a few adjustments along the way but all healthy adjustments. By the end of the game I had calories left to consume!

SOCCERTAZ SparkPoints: (32,168)
Fitness Minutes: (22,487)
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2/5/13 11:17 A

I did okay. My mother in law did some healthy snacks and that helped. But I did make some bean dip and a cheese ball. I spaced out eating. Instead of eating a platefull all at once, I ate in little portions throughtout the game. I also stopped snacking/eating at halftime.

STEPHEN_NANNY SparkPoints: (0)
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2/5/13 9:27 A

I went to my Mom's house for a party...had chilli and chicken wings, shrimp, veggies, some sherry, and nuts...didn't go crazy, but ate what I wanted in moderate portions. Somehow, someway, I've lost 1 lb from the whole weekend visit.

POPSECRET SparkPoints: (81,954)
Fitness Minutes: (96,998)
Posts: 2,136
2/5/13 8:25 A

Way worse than I thought I would!

Stayed away from alcohol altogether, but shared an entire buffalo chicken dip with my dad.

KISSFAN1 Posts: 6,257
2/5/13 7:40 A


PAT4PROG Posts: 652
2/4/13 10:26 P

I did pre-plan for the Big Game...
Loads of hot wings and tortilla chips; a rare choice of food and we enjoyed it.

EMMACORY Posts: 20,736
2/4/13 7:47 P

I made Wendy's style chili, large veggie tray with hummus, and home-made bread. All was good and my team won!

FAWNZIB SparkPoints: (10,643)
Fitness Minutes: (6,671)
Posts: 3,491
2/4/13 7:42 P

I was still dealing with flu after effects so it was gingerale and special k chips

NEELIXNKES Posts: 7,985
2/4/13 5:43 P

I did OK. Splurged a bit even though w
I had no reason too. Oh well, I was in my calorie and Carb range emoticon

BARBPL SparkPoints: (9,656)
Fitness Minutes: (8,497)
Posts: 13
2/4/13 5:37 P

Not too well. I did not exceed my calories by too much, but I tripped over my lack of willpower and utter boredom sitting in front of the television. I'm mostly disappointed because I let myself down, thought the mindless grazing was under control.
Doing better today!!

MUSCATDBQ SparkPoints: (3,450)
Fitness Minutes: (1,751)
Posts: 214
2/4/13 5:26 P

I did great because I didn't feel well enough to go to any parties. :-) OK, that is kinda cheating, but the truth. I came down with a migraine about an hour before I needed to go. I've now got a large amount of apple and grape salad for me to eat though! We will see how I do with that (yes apples and grapes are healthy but the pudding and cool whip they're in isn't really the best).

2/4/13 3:50 P

Pre-planned and ate light snacks before and during the game.

LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
2/4/13 1:47 P

Well, I had a superbowl party and I consumed some extra calories and some extra salt. I woke up 2.5 lbs heavier than yesterday morning. It's mostly just water weight (this is probably what's going on with you too) and it'll disappear in about 2-3 days. No worries. Life happens. The key is to stay on track most days and make the days where you get off track rare events (and then do exactly what you've done, which is to get right back on track afterwards).

It takes overeating by 3500 calories to gain a pound. I didn't overeat by 8750 calories and I'll bet you didn't overeat by 6300 calories. You might have gained a little extra weight, but it would be pretty hard to overeat enough to gain that much weight in a day.

MARITIMER3 SparkPoints: (208,214)
Fitness Minutes: (118,325)
Posts: 9,323
2/4/13 12:17 P

I'm not a football fan, so although my DH watched the game and had a few "treats", to me it was just another day and I came in right on track with calories, fat, protein and carbs.

POETICA7 SparkPoints: (9,026)
Fitness Minutes: (1,713)
Posts: 727
2/4/13 12:01 P

Thank you all for your encouragement. I understand that most of it is water weight, salt, and will move through my system, then I will come back down to the weight I was prior to Superbowl. Looking forward to that.

Eating my regular breakfast this morning felt good, and right. This new lifestyle is becoming a habit and I like that.

YOJULEZ SparkPoints: (15,981)
Fitness Minutes: (120)
Posts: 2,171
2/4/13 11:50 A

Horrible! Saturday too! This weekend had some pretty bad timing... I started my "lady time" on Sunday so all weekend I was ravenous. The scale was up 2lbs this morning but I'm not too worried about it. We'll see how I end up at the end of the week after all the junk and sodium has made it's way out of my system.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,232
2/4/13 11:43 A

Personally, I think it's a big mistake to jump on the scale the morning after a blow-out, and then think whatever you "gained" is actual weight. Most likely, a lot of it is water. Especially Super-Bowl type food. Lots of salt. And the rest of it is stuff that's still moving through your digestive system and hasn't been eliminated yet.

There are a couple different ways that I choose to look at stuff like this. One is, it's just another day and I want to stay in my calorie range. Then I make sure there's lots of low-starch veggies and maybe some fruit, to graze on. The other is, it's a special occasion and I don't care if I go over this one day. Note that "not caring" doesn't mean a hog-wild extravaganza til I feel sick from eating too much. It just means I ate pizza and veggies from a large tray, and later on had some cookies and even 2 truffles. After eating my usual breakfast and a reasonable lunch, earlier in the day. I would've had some popcorn but I was full and didn't feel like making it.

Bottom line is, it was one day and you track it and you move past it. Give it a couple days, and weigh again. I'm sure you're not really up 1.8 pounds.

SPATTEN2001 Posts: 1,145
2/4/13 11:40 A

Fantastic ... I had my regular breakfast and then we had corn/shrimp chowder for dinner! No junk food, no cola drinks, and ... my team won!

MJLINDSEY6 SparkPoints: (14,811)
Fitness Minutes: (25,836)
Posts: 18
2/4/13 11:21 A

I also hang my head in shame today. And I feel lousy too. I did track my calories and had about 2800 compared to my usual 1600 so it could have been worse. But the thing is that I wasn't even that hungry and didn't even enjoy it that much but I did it anyway. As I was shoving pizza in my mouth last night, I said to my hubby, "I don't know why people eat this crap all the time, it just makes me feel sluggish and fat", yet I kept eating. I'm happy to get back on track today too and get back to feeling good again. I'm not brave enough to step on the scale today but I know that I only had an extra 800 calories above my BMR so any weight gain is likely to be water retention.

2/4/13 11:11 A

I, too, went up 1.8 pounds overnight....I've been maintaining my weight for nearly 5 years and take it from me, it's just water'll go back down in a matter of days. Don't fret!!! Do you wear a ring? It's probably tighter. Did your face seem puffy this morning? It's the salt. Unless you ate a total of 3500 calories above your recommended maintenance limit, it's not fat.

My hubby and I ate a thin pizza and later had some prezel bagels with nacho cheese dip. We don't plan on eating junky the rest of the week, so one evening of splurging is, in my opinion, HUMAN.

I bet you post later this week that you're back to normal. :)

POETICA7 SparkPoints: (9,026)
Fitness Minutes: (1,713)
Posts: 727
2/4/13 11:07 A

I hang my head in shame. OK, I ate. It wasn't as bad as it could have been, but I admit I overate. It all tasted good, but this morning when I stepped on the scale and it showed me 1.8 pounds up I realized that it wasn't THAT good. Not worth it. I had eaten breakfast, a good salad lunch before going, and did get my water in...but still. But I'm back on track today. I have to lose what I gained. I thought maybe I wouldn't track it, but my honest self said, No, you have to do it to SEE the damages. Now that I have, well, lesson learned.

There. Confession is good for the soul.


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