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2BEATIT1 Posts: 3,162
8/16/10 12:09 P

I hear you. I have the same problem. I do not lose weight easily. After my 2 children (1968 & 1972), I shot up 60 lbs 6 months after delivery. I only gain 21 lbs while pregnant. Since then I kept going up till I got up to 212 lb. Finally since coming to Spark People, I have lost 17 lb but I still have to work harder at it than some.
I hope you get the right medical advice. If it is thyroid, the blood work doesn't always show it up. Just keep pushing the doctor till you get the right diagosis.

TONKA14 Posts: 4,947
8/16/10 10:53 A

Be sure to have them do a complete check of your thyroid function as well as other hormone checks. Keep a journal about other things you are experiencing in addition to weight gain (ie: trouble sleeping, changes in your hair or skin, bowel habits etc). Take it with you to your appointment because that can be helpful for the doc to put all the pieces together.

Coach Tanya

8/15/10 11:49 A

I'm 24, I don't think it could be menopause. Haha, though, I don't doubt that it could be caused by hormones. From the research I've been doing; that seems like the biggest concern here. Now to get into the doctor's.... the wait begins.

I've also checked out my measurements in case it was just muscle mass, but it looks like I've gained inches too.
Bust: 33
Waist: 26
Hips: 38

Bust: 36
Waist: 28
Hips: 41

So even 8 inches along with the 20 pounds. It's definitely daunting.

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8/15/10 10:58 A

Keep us updated, Hon... take care of yourself!

8/15/10 10:56 A

Change of hormones perhaps, Menopause. I know its not fair.

8/14/10 8:45 P

I am going to schedule an appointment to the doctor hopefully some time soon. I was checked for thyroid problems about two years ago (because my mom has them) and everything looked fine. I was also checked for diabetes and hypoglycemia as well. All seemed fine.

I was reading online and is seems that PCOS is another thing to worry about. I have a lot of the symptoms for both hypothyroid and PCOS. While I haven't been tested for PCOS it is MUCH harder to diagnose.

I don't think I'm gaining muscle and water weight, because I would look a LOT less flabby than I look; I also wouldn't be putting on inches.

Hopefully something can be done to help me. I'm at an absolute breaking point here.

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8/14/10 7:25 P

I agree with everything PBB said.... also, I don't really know if this is possible but could it be muscle and water weight that you're gaining? Muscle weighs more than fat, you know!

PBB1961 Posts: 70
8/14/10 12:52 P

Don't obsess about the BMI - we are all different and if you have "thick" legs and arms, it doesn't take that into account.

You might ask the DR to check your thyroid. Google symptoms for underactive thyroid and see if you might have a problem.

You might also go back to weighing and measuring everything. Just double-check to make sure you are not eating more than you think you are.

Change up your workout routine.

If you are truly concerned, have a full physical to rule out any medical issues.

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8/14/10 12:17 A

I don't know how this could be possible, but I've gained 20 pounds in three months. I watch what I eat and exercise 6 days a week, but the scale continues to go up.

My normal daily intake is around 1500-1800 calories and I normally burn about 1000 calories in my workouts. So why am I gaining steadly? Shouldn't I be losing weight or at least maintaining?

I'm 5'3 and weight 145; that's not in the healthy BMI range. I was 125-130 3 months ago.

I was doing the same routine (as far as eatting and exercising) a few months back and was about 20 pounds thinner. The only thing I haven't tried is diet pill so hault this horrible problem. What should I do? The doctor's are all telling me I'm not fat and don't need to lose weight.

**Hope this is an okay place to post this topic. I just need some motivation and help. I've been crying about this for two days.**

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