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6/20/13 4:33 P

Thank you!

6/20/13 12:05 P

At the top of any page, go to My Trackers. Click on the Start Page. Off to the left, you will see a box with the Weight Tracker. It also offers other trackers like Inches, Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, etc. Hope this helps.

Or, you can just click on the MyWeight on the drop down menu of My Trackers.

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AWILSON93 SparkPoints: (220)
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6/20/13 11:49 A

I use SparkPeople to track my weight-loss, and I'm down around 6 pounds. I started with 17% body fat, so I'm not worried about obesity. I just need to maintain my weight under 201 lbs. I'm down to 194 pounds, losing about two to three pounds a week: some of it is water weight, probably only 4 pounds of true fat loss.

It only shows my original goal of 180 pounds and my starting weight. How can I update my weight?

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