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6/29/13 7:57 P

Bodybuilders goals are primarily around visual appearance, and they aim for symmetry, development of smaller muscles, etc, so they tend to use a lot of isolation exercises. When they compete and look their best, they are actually at their weakest.

Bodybuilding is not necessarily a good training model for those looking at general fitness, or more broadly based muscle gain.


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6/29/13 5:34 P

You seem to have misread my post.

I didn't say body weight exercises are point is what is the goal.

If you are looking to solely increase strength, sure, body weight exercises can help...

I've personally done all the exercises you describe for years as part of my circuit routine...

My goal now, however, is to increase muscle bulk which is not possible with body weight exercises alone...

Have you ever met a body builder who has achieved mass through single leg squats, decline push ups etc...

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6/29/13 1:01 P


I disagree that you need to use weights for strength training, or that bodyweight exercises are ineffective.

The key point of strength training is to genuinely challenge your muscles at close to their maximum capacity. As long as it is challenging, it does really matter what equipment (if any).

While some starting bodyweight exercises can become pretty easy fast, more advanced bodyweight exercises can be VERY challenging, and can potentially build significant strength. Examples of advanced bodyweight exercises include single leg squats, decline pushups, pull-ups (and there are many others).


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6/29/13 4:22 A

The circuit classes I do incorporate high intensity cardio with strength training...not only does it get you fit fast it improves your overall appearance fast.

The structure is essentially 15 mins of high intensity cardio - running, jumping jacks, supermen, dynamic lunges, burpees, etc... - followed by 5 min block of strength training then 5 mins block of high intensity cardio...after 40 mins of 5 min change outs, switch back to 10 mins high intensity cardio, followed by 5 mins lower body strength training then 5 mins ab's.

Strength training should incorporate weights so not sure how you will be able to do this without any gear...

Body weight exercises are great but they won't build any bulk....but guess it depends on your goals...

6/29/13 3:10 A

Err, I should have mentioned I am in a rural area in Kenya without access to cool things like a track or fitness course. I love doing the intervals of intense cardio of Shred, then combo strength training moves. I can't carry my handweights on a run, but I might try taking a resistance band. What about partner moves, since hubby is on the walk with me? Are there strength exercises you can do with a partner? Or a tree? lol.

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6/28/13 8:38 P

I'm not sure that including strength into the middle of a cardio workout is a good idea.

Firstly, strength training should always be done in a slow and controlled manner- the sllower it is, the more challenging and effective it is. With cardio, the emphasis is naturally on speed, and it can be difficult to constantly switch tempo back and forth.

Secondly, good form is essential for strength training, for reasons of both safety and effectiveness. And it can be hard to concentrate on good form when you are huffing and puffing from cardio.

I'd rather see you separate them into distinct cardio and ST sessions, so that you can do full justice to both.


6/28/13 5:26 P

1. Squats, lunges, arm pulls, dead lifts, so forth

2. In my opinion, it's not necessary to make it a circuit workout, especially if you are already shredding. I have also done the 30 Day shred and I DID get results. But nowadays I really enjoy having cardio and strength sessions in an alternative pattern, and going all force in whatever type of exercise I'm doing. I'm getting more and more results every day :).

Ultimately, do whats right for you and have fun ^^

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6/28/13 4:00 P

Is there a park or walking trail with a Parcourse (or similar) installation near you? (It can also be called a fitness trail). That's a very easy way to do a circuit workout outdoors.

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6/28/13 3:39 P

since you already do the 30 day shred work out, break it down like she does. do three mins of streingth training, two different muscel groups for each set, two mins of intence cardio, like your running/walking, and then a min of abs. This would probably work best at a local track/football feild. Like what they have at high schools. that way you have the track to run on, but can jump onto the feild at pretty much any point to do the other exercises.

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6/28/13 3:23 P

I am currently walking a little less than 3 miles a day with a few running intervals. I also do Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. I like the combination strength training moves on the DVD. I'd like to figure out a way to add some kind of strength training to my walk/run routine to make it more interesting and burn more calories.
What can I do without weights and while standing?

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