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KIMANI Posts: 1
11/18/11 6:12 P

Try doing something that requires your hands - sewing, knitting, painting your fingernails, drawing, etc. Then you won't want to get crumbs on whatever your hands are occupied with. Good luck!

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11/18/11 9:39 A

Thanks for all the advice! And I definitely will have to up my water intake!

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DIMPLES807 Posts: 215
11/18/11 7:18 A

water water water! Then you'll just be bothered with going to the bathroom and not eat out of boredom?

Popcorn is a great low cal snack. You can munch on it for awhile. So are apples since it's crunchy. These works for me. Good luck!

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11/17/11 11:58 P

Have a cup of herbal tea and find something to do. Try painting your nails so you can't put your hands in the cracker box!

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GAMMALEAK Posts: 219
11/17/11 11:42 P

Maybe try doing something that would break your boredom? For instance, stop whatever it is you're doing and invest 15-20 minutes in a hobby or interest that you know engages you and keeps you from feeling bored.

KATBABII10 Posts: 3
11/17/11 10:14 P

I always have low calorie, high volume snacks around. Popcorn is a good one that I use a lot when I just need to snack on something... anything. The other thing I use a lot is to cut fruits, like strawberries, into SMALL pieces and eat those when I'm bored. Bored eating doesn't have to be chips, cookies, or candy. If you really really want to stop bored eating altogether, buy word search puzzles, logic puzzles, or something inexpensive that you can work on for long periods of time, but without getting bored. If you are doing something else with your hands, you won't eat. Make sure whenever you're hungry, drink a glass of water first. Sometimes hunger is just thirst.

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11/17/11 7:16 P

Go for a run or do some sort of cardio. Cardio can blunt appetite and it's pretty damn good for you too. :)

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11/17/11 4:27 P

Ahhh!! Today is one of those days where all I want to do is eat because I'm bored. I ran a bunch of errands this morning, and I have to go to a class later tonight so I really have plenty to do with my day... But my thoughts are ONLY focused on food! I'm not even hungry. Help!

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