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2/12/13 6:33 P


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2/12/13 6:14 P

might be hormonal... was for me... if you are still having ladies cycles, then check it out over the next few months, try to watch what happens over a month. i usually would have a woosh week when i started tom, a 2nd week where i lost a bit less, a 3rd week where i kinda stay the same, and the last few days week 4 actually gain 3 - 8 lbs depending on my eating, salt and heat. then when tom would start, if i hadn't really overeaten too much, those extra lbs from the last week plus some would woosh off and i'd be back to losing... so... i figure my real weight loss is month to month about day 3 or 4 after I start and all the extra water retention has wooshed off...

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2/12/13 4:16 P

Hi, I see you've been given some great advice already, but the first thing I thought of was Are you tracking your salt intake? It has really helped me to see where my sodium is coming from and lets me choose less salty foods.

Also it's great to have other goals besides losing weight. Have you measured yourself,
maybe keeping a journal, (SP's planner, or blog is great) of your accomplishments, struggles, etc. And have you had a physical checkup lately-is your blood pressure & electrolytes ok?

Just a few thoughts-hope you find the answers you need!! Keep trying new things & NEVER
give up!!


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2/12/13 12:19 P

Each time you do a weigh in, compare it to the same date from the previous month. That should give you a more accurate and realistic view of what is REALLY happening.

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2/9/13 12:10 A

I wonder about this myself with the help of the Lord get the strength that is needed to do the things that have to be done one day at a time

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2/8/13 10:47 A

I disagree, I weigh myself daily and it is not demotivating even when it doesn't move or moves in the wrong direction. For me, the idea is not to get too bummed about the number each day as long as you know you stayed within your calories range and worked out. Weighing daily allows me to see the impact of certain foods and to track certain patterns over time, for example when do I have TOM weight fluctuations. I discovered that it wasn't one to two weeks before but on my first day. I also discovered that it doesn't go away at the end of that week but takes up to another week. I'm analytic, so having facts and figures gives me confidence.

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2/7/13 3:13 P

Dear Snowmom,

I read your Sparkpage, but I couldn't see your nutrition and fitness trackers. If I may I would like to make a couple of suggestions.

1. Start tracking your food. You might be surprised at your actual calorie intake. Track everything, no cheating because you'll only be cheating yourself. Tracking your food can also motivate you to make better food choices.

2. Start tracking your exercise.

3. Enter is all on Sparkpeople. Make getting healthier fun. Make a game of it. Challenge yourself.

4. Use all of the tools available to you. Like today, you used a message board. Good for you.

5. ABOVE ALL. STOP WEIGHING YOURSELF. The scale is not your friend. Many things can effect the scale that have nothing to do with you. Temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure all have small effects on scales, but together they add up.

I invite you to check out my blogs for more ideas on getting healthier without worrying about your weight.

Jonny Mac

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2/7/13 1:41 P

My weight fluctuates a lot, too. I do freak out a bit when the numbers are up (I weigh myself every day as well), but then I just remind myself that every little thing affects the weight: for example, if I had a tough workout at the gym the day before (heavy weight lifting), it means that my muscles have retained water. But that is only temporary and does not mean gain in fat. Moreover, muscle weighs more than fat, so that the numbers on scale may stay the same or even get bigger, and yet I may have lost fat instead of gaining. For me, the most reliable weight indicator is measure tape, that is, centimetres instead of kilos and grams.

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2/7/13 9:31 A

You have been given some excellent advice. Once I reached a certain goal I then started weighing myself daily. That was after I decided I would not let the number on the scale rule my days. I live with my sister who drives me nuts just because she gained a fraction of a lb. for no reason. After 4 years of being on spark she still can not get it through her head that your weight fluctuates daily! I feel better now. Had my daily rant. Until you are really close to your goal weight I would weigh weekly. Keep tracking your nutrients especially sodium. If you can stay below 1500 that would be terrific Good luck! Never ever give up!

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2/6/13 11:26 P

I like weighing myself everyday (sometimes more than that) and there are large fluctuations, but I only track it on Monday mornings in my pjs before I eat or drink anything. Since I only write it down once a week, that is the only number that matters.

I've thought about switching over to kilos though. I don't have strong associations and feelings with kilograms like I do with pounds.

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2/6/13 6:06 P

Above is one of the many helpful articles on ways to measure success and set goals in achieveable and healthy ways.
It has always worked best for me to make official weigh in day a once a week event.

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2/6/13 6:05 P

I have the same issue, I weighed myself yesterday and I gained 4 pounds. I didnt record it though because I would much rather wait about two weeks and see if my body has changed at all from the work. I put more into measuring my inches

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2/6/13 4:42 P

yes stay off the scale. Don't obsess about that number!! As long as you are honest with yourself and making the right choices, you know it will be heading in the right direction.

2/6/13 2:13 P

Weighing every day can be a huge demotivator... especially if the numbers are going in the wrong direction. I admit, I struggle with this as well. It not knowing that drives me crazy so I weigh myself everyday. I am trying to weigh weekly to see if it is less stressful for me. This is my 1st week and I haven't weighed for 2 days. I do not feel liberated from the scale, rather anxious about the next weigh day.

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2/6/13 12:34 P

I am eating healthier, watching my portions sizes, and exercising.. Portion control is my biggest issue along with bread and rice..

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2/6/13 11:38 A

Our weight is not a static number. It's a vital sign, like your blood pressure, or your temperature! That means it will *never be the same*! This is why weighing daily doesn't tell you much. Sparkpeople recommends once per week, under the same conditions/time of day. This is to give you a snapshot. Some people like to weigh daily, and take an average to determine their weekly weight. (I'm fond of that one.) I do a bit of both. I weigh sometimes daily, but only track once per week, on Friday (before the weekend) in the morning. It's a scientific exercise for me; I like to see how the foods I eat affect me. For a real demonstration of this principle, weigh yourself several times over the course of the day. I've done this a couple of times, and found I can "gain" as much as 10 lbs in a single 24 hour period, then "lose" it again!

Most women see a regular upward shift in their weight around their menstrual period.

Some things you can do to improve these shifts: Track sodium in your diet. this is a BIG one for me. I have a very difficult time with my sodium, so I often will find myself retaining water after a night of eating out or too much processed food. Note that I DO NOT eat a lot of salt; I like my food natural, and never got much of a taste for it. Sodium isn't about that.

Stay hydrated. Drinking water will help keep you hydrated. It won't flush your body (it's not a toilet, it can't be flushed) as claimed by some, but drinking too much stuff that has sugar, or sodium in it can exacerbate the problem

Let go of the scale... this is normal shifts in your weight. To REALLY gain 5 lbs, you would have to have eaten 17,500 calories OVER your normal maintenance range, and you didn't do that! Your weight will never be a solid number, and a variation of 5 lbs is well within normal. That's why I have a goal range... not a goal number.

SNOWMOM Posts: 19
2/6/13 11:27 A

How can I keep going when every two weeks I am gaining 5+ pounds of water? I feel like I never get a correct weight because of this and then I lose motivation. Should I weigh myself less (I admit I jump on the scale every day), and weigh only once a week or even every other so I don't see the bigger numbers? Help

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