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7/1/14 5:14 P

My posture seems to be better since I started doing yoga in the mornings. Having good posture can make you appear to be more confident, too. One of my friends said that I looked good and asked what had I been doing. The cobra posture is great for strengthening upper back muscles and will help to keep you from slumping over.

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8/17/13 2:29 P

If you can find a teacher, take some Alexander Technique lessons. They are fabulous for posture, but even more, for the overall 'use' of our bodies. I'm a student of the practice, not a provider. It's helped me with posture, back pain, breathing, sleeping, and all other kinds of self-use. It's not something you want to try from videos or books, though. You need a qualified (AMSAT) teacher. This link is to one of the useful pages, though not to the AMSAT site itself.


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8/17/13 12:34 P

pilates - it strengthens your core, which gives you great posture.

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8/16/13 6:27 P

Take up dancing!

I notice that when I am doing a lot of dancing, people seem to comment more on my height and my posture. It teaches you to be more aware of your body, and it can also be a great social outlet.

My older relatives who dance (one grandmother does tango, the other did flamenco; my great-aunt does square dancing) have all stayed tall and graceful into their 80s and 90s.

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8/15/13 8:08 P

Here's an article you might find helpful:

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8/15/13 8:03 P

One of the best things you can do is build core strength. Having a strong core (hips, abs, etc) gives you the strength you need to be able to stand up properly, and you'll tend to hold better posture more naturally!

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8/15/13 7:55 P

I'm a tall woman (5'9") and it' difficult for me to stay straight. I have to think about it all day if I want to remind tostand tall and even when I think aboutit, my back gets tired very fast and I go back to my bad posture. The more I grow old, the harder it is to keep a good posture. How can I improve my posture ? Do you have anytips ? Thank you !

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