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1/21/13 9:03 A

We lose fat by consistently staying in a caloric deficit.

This will make them appear "tighter and firmer" because fat is jiggly. Less fat = less jiggle.

Doing a challenging full body strength training program will make the entire body look much much better.

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1/21/13 1:06 A

to a large extent, leg size is genetic; some people simply have junk in the trunk and tree trunks for legs.

there's nothing you can do except change the composition of your legs, ideally replacing fat with muscle. muscle takes up less space but also gives definition and strength.

if you're looking to slim legs, i would do what was suggested above: run a lot (to burn calories while using leg muscles); keep a diet with a calorie deficit (to shed fat, revealing the musculature beneath); and do leg strength training (to maintain muscle as you shed fat).

that's your best bet, even if you're stuck with large legs/ass due to genes.

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1/20/13 7:25 P

The voice of experience needs some re-education.

Squats and running will reduce overall body fat (including the thighs), but are no more and no less effective in reducing body or thigh fat than any other form of exercise that burns the same number of calories. The fact that they utilize the leg muscles is irrelevant. Energy is delivered to the muscles via the bloodstream, NOT from being absorbed from surrounding fat stores.


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1/20/13 4:36 P

You can't spot reduce; as we explain over in this thread:

Only overall fat loss can reduce the size of your legs, though doing full-body strength training will absolutely help this process along. No amount of squats in the world will cause you to lose your leg fat... only time can do that!

Leg exercises will make your muscles stronger and feel and look better, but they won't remove the fat on your legs. Only overall weight loss will help with that.

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1/20/13 4:16 P

Try skipping fat and sugar from your diet such as pork, beef, and most dairy. Skip sugar treats, alcohol, chips.

Then, go jogging and you will never worry about your legs again. To speed up the process, do lunges, squats, calf raises, and other leg exercises. Some of those could be "side-line" by lying on your side on the floor and lifting one leg up and down in a variety of ways for 10 -15 minutes. We do that thrice weekly in my Pilates class, so joining a group of PIlates or getting DVD for that might be helpful.

I have been jogging for 40 years since high school cross country. At age 55, I still get compliments on my legs! The voice of experience, this formula works! But not overnight. It takes a few months, or maybe a year depending on your age, fitness level, and determination/motivation to stick with it.

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1/20/13 4:12 P

Eat less
Run more
Do squats and deadlifts with a barbel...

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1/20/13 3:48 P

I'm actually pretty content with my upper body, but my legs are GIANTIC! Does somebody have tips and tricks how to loose weight on the legs and make them thinner & "tighter/firmer"?


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