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4/7/11 11:56 P

Well, you just have to do what others have suggested, quit the tv habit, or at least limit it. If they are that small, you can control the tv completely. There's nothing wrong with saying the tv won't work; after all, if it's unplugged, it won't work.

Of course, that means you have to give it up too, at least some of the time.

Also, don't approach going outside as exercise--make it fun. I can't imagine any kid who won't have fun at a playground, and if you have a yard and toys like balls or bikes, there's more fun (and more exercise).

I probably wouldn't have wanted to go outside and "Exercise" either, as a kid; I just didn't realize all the things I was playing was exercise.

And don't expect miracles right away. Kids who are mesmerized (drugged) by the tube need some time to get their creative play going, and some help from you. But, once they get the idea of independent play, your life will actually be much easier.

Be tough. You're the parent, they're the kids, they don't get to say no to turning off the tv and going outside, at least not very often.

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4/7/11 11:45 A

I've done it once, and I'll do it again, i "broke" the cable. literally CUT IT. scheduled the repair for 2 weeks out. told them it was the soonest they could do.

If they're young enough, tell them the DVD player doesn't work without cable either. unplug it, or put it on the wrong 'video input' setting to demonstrate.

the fact is, your kids are young, there is on reason any one of them should be able to say "NO" to your demand that they go outside and play. Hide the remotes, unplug the cable, unplug the DVR and make it happen.

Once your TV is "working" again set time limits. My son is 13. He's only allowed to watch TV from 7:30 to 9:00 at night. And for a short while on weekends, and when we watch movies together as a family. He's also only allowed 1 hour of video games during weeknight, and that 1 hour is deducted from TV time.

Set some rules, stick with them, and ditch the TV babysitter. Once your children learn some "creative" play, their playtime will become thier babysitter.

The fact that you can't MAKE a child under the age of 5 do something, makes me thing your problems are bigger than TV. Seems like some discipline would help too.

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LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,011
4/6/11 2:08 P

You unplug the TV, tell them it isn't working today, and go do something!

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4/6/11 1:25 P

Can you take them to the playground or make up games like...Who can run the fastest,jump the highest,kick a ball back and forth to each other,put a plastic grocery bag on a string and fly a "kite"My kids were genius when they were small and taught me alot!

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4/6/11 11:25 A

Okay, so I admit it. My kids are TV junkies. I have been a bad example to them by watching to much TV and by letting the TV be my babysitter. I have three children under the age of 5 all at home. My husband works full time and my kids do not want to go outside with me to exercise. How do I get them to go? Desperate for change.

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