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2/26/12 12:03 P

I really recommend the "No Cry Sleep Solution" - it is a very informative book, that will teach you about sleep and how it works. I think that version is aimed for babies, but I think there's a toddler version, too.

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2/17/12 6:29 A

at age 2 children don't need milk anymore at night so the best way to work on that is offer a sippy of water before bed and if she wakes up for milk offer her water.
Also try sleeping with her blanket for a night and then put it on her bed. that way she has your smell to comfort her. My son has a pillow that we used to do that to.

The reward system is definitely a way to go as well. Also setting a bedtime routine that ends with reading a story to her in her bed and then goodnight kisses. Then you leave the room. If she gets upset then step in a reassure her and step back out. It is hard at first but will pay off.

2/3/12 10:49 A

" How to Unspoil your Child Fast" (I think Richard Bromfield wrote it) is a book I recently read as my 5 and 4 year old wouldn't sleep in their own beds. I had to lay down with them at night or face the crying....

Within one week, they go to bed without me.(The five year old sleps with mom and da's photo, but I'm sure that will not last too long.) I actually get to have some time before I pass out to have adult time.

Basically what I got from the book: Do not feel guilty. It is laziness that made me lay down with them becaue I didn't want the crying battle, but in the end, it was worth the few nights of tears. We are all much healthier, happier, and saner.

I am much more empowered. Now of course--they come into my bed in the morning--so we do get our cuddle time!! emoticon

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1/29/12 7:57 P

Thank you she has been doing a little better and the milk we have really started slowing down. She is not wanting to sleep in our room she just wants us to sleep on the floor next to her. That also is getting a little better. I think she is going through a growing spurt. I did get her mattress back into the frame. Small victories are great. LOL.

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1/26/12 3:52 P

My daughter went through a really needy stage around that time. She also wanted to sleep in our room. We tried things like you said - putting her back in bed and letting her cry (although I must admit I don't have the heart to do it properly).

We try to go with the flow for the most part with our kids. I focus on positive reinforcement (rewarding for good behavior) instead of negative reinforcement (punishing for bad).

My daughter seemed sincerely terrified. So we set up a flip couch on the floor for her to sleep on next to our bed. We then started a reward system and focused on the positive. Sleeping in her room, even for an hour, got a sticker on the calendar. When she accumulated a certain number of stickers, we gave her a reward, like a trip to the park. As she got increased hours, expectations to get stickers on the calendar increased. For instance, she had to sleep half the night in her bed. Another thing that helped was moving her to her bed after she fell asleep. Eventually she got more and more accustomed to waking up and sleeping in her bed. We bought her this really cool night light that projected stars on to the ceiling and she still loves it to this day - I think part of disliking her room was sleeping in the dark alone.

As for the milk, that is tough. I have no experience in that department. I guess I would slowly try to wean her off it like you did with the bottle. Just cut back until non-existent.

Good luck!

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1/26/12 3:39 P

My 2 year old has decided that she can not sleep in her room on her own anymore. She has slept on her own since birth ALL NIGHT. Now we hit the 2's and not going to happen. I have to sleep on the floor next to her till she goes to sleep then get up and go to my room. at about 3 am she is in my room asking for me to go back to her room. O yea don't forget the crazy milk drinking. She does fine all day eating well then night comes and almost a half a gallon gone. I have tried water, juice (even though I know your not suppose to) the crying does not stop till the milk comes out. Yes I have just let her cry all night I have put her in her room by herself over and over and over again. We did this for weeks finally I just laid down with her in her room. We had to sleep. Some one help!

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