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ALIASHEALTHNUT SparkPoints: (1,462)
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11/30/12 9:41 A

WW now leads you to the healthy foods by making fruits and veggies 0 points.

SLIMMEDOWN1111 SparkPoints: (4,616)
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11/29/12 6:57 P

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I have tried WW and had great results but gained it all back. I got so stuck on the points that I wasnt really eating healthy. But I do remember I really liked that 0 point soup and now I also eat soups often.

GRAMCRACKER46 Posts: 1,766
11/29/12 6:55 P

WW says they know the science behind weight loss so we don't need to. Knowledge is power. I am glad I found SP and have learned the nutrition of what I am eating.

WWREFUGEE1942 SparkPoints: (77,399)
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11/29/12 6:22 P

SparkPeople has really made me aware of the mistakes I was making at Weight Watchers. I was not getting enough fat or protein and too much carbohydrate. Today I analyzed my 4 point pizza and realized I am getting 90 calories of "free" bell peppers in the topping. When you add that to 100 points per apple, that adds up to where I was eating more than what SparkPeople wants me to eat. That's why I was not losing weight. Weight Watchers beat me black and blue every time I insisted I was doing the program meticulously. A lot of the the demented leaders think that if you fail to lose weight it's because you are not "believing" in the program or "trusting" the science. I will continue to go to Weight Watcher meetings because I need a third party to weigh me and I need the animal comfort of fellow sufferers in a room but I will never trust them again.

ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
11/29/12 1:26 P

I told a guy in my WW meeting that 'the more vegetables I eat, the more I lose...' Unfortunately, I really love vegetables in sauce, but my taste is changing. I recently made some green beans with just some pureed tomatoes and seasoning and it tasted just fine. No oil, no added sauces. Slowly, these kinds of changes to your eating habit start having an effect.

ALIASHEALTHNUT SparkPoints: (1,462)
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11/29/12 9:46 A

If you are consistently going over your points, you need to plan at least a day ahead. Plan you meals and your snacks.

This helps you to make better choices. It also helps you to not eat emotionally or just out of boredom.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
11/29/12 8:54 A

Though fruits and vegetable are free or 0 points-- watch what you eat. Fruits do contain sugar. I went to a meeting when I was in WW and the 0 fruits just started. They do contain sugar and that sugar may or may not be used throughout the day. Even our leader said just because the fruit is free does not mean that you can go gung ho on it. Limit yourself to 2 or 3 pieces per day. Some veggies do have points so be careful about that.

Watch your processed food. Watch your salt intake.
Eat more fiber as it will help fill you up.

WWREFUGEE1942 SparkPoints: (77,399)
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11/29/12 7:18 A

My problem is that I have folowed the Weight Watcher program to the letter for 9 years and have not lost any weight in two years plus a 5 pound gain in the last year. I am giving myself the following advice. Count every calorie, especially the vegetables and fruits that Weight Watchers told us not to count. This will add about 400 calories to my daily toll. That gives me a much more honest appraisal of my situation. Now I notice another difference between SparkPeople and Weight Watchers. The oil requirement for me in SparkPeople seems to be about 3-4 teaspoons of essential oil, not 2, as Weight Watchers requires. This will add 66 calories a day to my diet which means I have to cut out that amount from my carbs. Hehehehehe.

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CORTNEY-LEE SparkPoints: (67,852)
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8/29/12 7:21 P

Without knowing what you are eating - here are my suggestions

focus on high volume filling foods. Have a large salad (veggies only) with your main meal of the day. Include a low calorie dressing with a healthy fat.

Focus on filling things for snacks - don't be afraid to have some chicken breast and an apple!

Make sure you are eating whole grains. Limit refined carbs like white bread, white pasta and sugar.

Drink drink drink!

Also, even thought they are "free" limit your fruit servings to 2 a day.

CAROLE914 Posts: 7,364
8/29/12 4:25 P

Exercise will give you more points.

Most fruit and vegetables are zero points, so eat lots of them.

ALIASHEALTHNUT SparkPoints: (1,462)
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8/29/12 10:38 A

See if you are eating when bored.
See what your triggers are. Do you eat when watching TV. Watch less TV and be more active.

Instead of snacking:
Exercise- go for a walk, gym, bike etc. Play a sport
Drink a glass of water (not soda or juice).
Engage your mind- take up a new hobby, visit friends, take a course at a local college, volunteer your time.

ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
8/29/12 10:34 A

I can easily eat 50 WW points! I've been going to WW and steadily losing weight, but slowly.

1. GG crackers. You can find them at Whole Foods or buy them on in the U.S. Probably, there are other online sources. They are basically rye, pressed into a wafer/cracker and very sturdy. They will hold salad or meat or cheese very easily. Use them instead of bread for awhile to increase your fiber and feel full fast - great when having a snack. They are zero points! Very high in fiber, they are just plain rye.

2. Light Laughing Cow wedges. One wedge is 1 point. On pita (find pita with more fiber, if you can), one wedge spread thinly, with some lettuce and sliced onion makes a good sandwich.

3. Eat a frozen meal (does not have to be WW) when you feel too tired to juggle points plus. One meal (usually with potatoes and vegetables and meat) will usually come in under 10 points. Supplement this with fresh fruit and a salad - lots of chopped, fresh veggies and just 1 tbsp of olive oil. For the salad, measure the oil carefully and, using two large spoons or forks, mix and mix and mix and mix - more than you usually would 'toss' the salad. One tbsp of oil can go really far when you spend extra time on the mixing stage. The oil is what you will be counting, not the fresh salad greens, so make it spread through the salad well! Then add a bit of vinegar, some salt and pepper, and toss. It's ready.

4. Snack on fruit or fresh veggies. There are actually salad dressings at the supermarket that have no points - Walden Farms Caesar dressing is one my husband seems to like. I still prefer olive oil and vinegar (has points) and I dip my raw veggies in that when the vinegar dominates the olive oil.

5. McDonald's Happy Meal - the new version, with tiny fries serving and sliced apples - is my favorite treat when I am shopping and want to have lunch. I save the milk for home, and use it later, if I'm going to use milk in something. I think it's something like 10 points for a cheeseburger happy meal, and I have that for lunch when I'm out and about.

6. I drink water or coffee when I'm thirsty. Another favorite treat: V8 Juice, extra spicy because I've added sriracha sauce to it. I enjoy hot, spicy foods and this is something I can sip slowly and savor.

7. A bowl of chopped fruit with stevia, just wet with some milk. Really, not much milk. Mix all together. This is dessert! My favorite dessert.

8. Because you get such a good bonus from fiber, points wise, look for pita or bread buns that have at least 4 grams of fiber in a serving. I do find these on the supermarket shelf and they taste pretty much the same as the 'regular' stuff. You will notice that they make you feel full longer.

9. I buy tofurky 'vegetarian' bologna and make a sandwich with that, high fiber pita, mustard, non-fat American cheese slice, lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle. It is a low fat vegetarian bologna sandwich that tastes exactly like bologna to me - albeit, lighter, and way less fatty. Along the same vein, there are Yves vegetarian pepperoni slices - 10 slices make just ONE point - and they taste the same as meat pepperoni to me! I use them to make two sandwiches because they are that flavorful.

10. A good fiberful bun, a vegetarian burger, sliced onions, condiments (no mayo), pickles: it is very flavorful. Look at the vegetarian choices, usually near the meats, in the supermarket. I love vegetarian corn dogs dipped in ketchup. Unfortunately, I eat the entire box and have to count those points, but it is my 'hot dog' fix when I need it. A regular, fatty meat hotdog is going to taste much the same - but fattier-tasting - and cost lots more points.

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ALIASHEALTHNUT SparkPoints: (1,462)
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8/29/12 10:33 A

Plan your meals the day before or plan the whole week. When you plan try to select foods low in sodium, fat and sugar.

Eat more non starch veggie. Make veggies at least half your plate.

Eat less processed foods.

Eat healthy snacks like grapes or other fruit.

Good luck !

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,313)
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8/29/12 10:17 A

Unfortunately, because I know nothing about weight watchers or their point system, I can't help much with that. But if you share your nutrition trackers, we can take a look at what you're eating.

If you'd like some help tweaking your menu, we'll need to know more about what you're eating day to day.

RCWARD53 SparkPoints: (11,931)
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8/29/12 10:09 A

I am trying to the weight watcher's points at home. I am supposed to be at 34 points per day, but end up with 50-60 per day. Any suggestions how I can cut back what I eat ?

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