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3/5/13 1:52 A

Hi & thanks for all your helpful information. I start adding a few different things and see how I go. emoticon

BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
3/5/13 1:47 A

Full fat dairy products (cheese, Greek yogurt, etc)
Olive oil


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3/5/13 1:28 A

Olive Oil in dressings or Rice Bran Oil,
MORE nuts
Oily Fish such as Sardines, Salmon and/or Tuna
Pumpkin Seeds

I used to eat very little fat, too, but had to gradually get it up. My Dietitian prescribing Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplements for a health issue, helped considerably, because I had to go up to 8,000 mgs daily (8g fat). IF you want to go down that route, tho', check with your Dr that it is compatible to any healthy condition or medications that you are on.

Ground Flax-seed on cereal is also another option.

You could accommodate the extra nuts by swapping something else higher calorie for a couple pieces of fruit. Just play around with your food until you get something that resembles a healthy balance.


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3/5/13 1:07 A

Add olive oil(or another healthy oil) to your salads or veggies... Eat avocados... yogurt with some fat in it or a cheese stick, if you eat dairy... put peanut butter in your oatmeal, if you eat grains... add a whole egg into egg whites. My problem is eating less fat emoticon .

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3/5/13 12:51 A

Hi I am not getting enough fat in my diet. I am meant to have 30gm a day but I am having as little as 16. Has anyone got any hints. I have add nuts but when 6 Almond have a value of 2. I would have to eat a lot of nuts.


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