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10/26/12 10:21 A

My favorite thing to do with ground turkey/chicken is make taco salads! Chop up and onion and fry it with the meat. When cooked, season well (or use a taco packet) and drain if needed.

Then, make a salad with your favorite ingredients. Any vbeggies can go here...I like to use a variety of lettuce, purple cabbage, shredded carrot, colorful peppers, black olives, cucumbers, black beans, broccoli, even corn! Top with warm meat, and dress with a mixture of salsa and lowfat sour cream.

You can even top with extras, like crushed tortilla chips, cheese, hot name it!

Enjoy :)

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10/26/12 7:07 A

Anything that you can do with turkey you can do with chicken!

On Wednesday I bought a hot cooked chicken for dinner. We had it Wed. and Thurs. night and I had it yesterday on my sandwich for lunch too (with avocado, tomato and lettuce.) Today I diced onions, red and green capsicums, and celery, added a can of tomatoes, and couple cloves of garlic, and copped up a handful of the very tasty dried apricots and a few Turkish dessert apricots (they don't break down), plus a heap of lentils. That made such a yummy casserole with the rest of the shredded chicken - we had that tonight and the rest was containerized into single serve containers and is now in the freezer. That one small chook has made 15 single-serve meals for us :-)


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10/26/12 6:29 A

How bout making some chili with it? I don't mind using ground turkey or in your case chicken when it comes to dishes that have a lot of flavorings, like chili, or tacos. I picked up chicken chourico and made Kale soup with it instead of the beef...I actually like it better. But when it comes to burgers I want beef or no burger at all.

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10/25/12 11:12 P

well I decided to try all of these ideas because they all sound like good ideas and I totally forgot about the too. Thanks a bunch

10/25/12 3:44 P

Anything you would make out of ground turkey you could make out of ground chicken. Not a hugh difference.

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10/25/12 1:41 P

it makes an awesome meatloaf!!

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10/25/12 1:20 P

You can use it in the same way you'd use any other ground meat. Just be careful not to over cook (or add some moisture) or it will get dry.

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10/25/12 1:04 P

You could definitely make a burger out of it. I think you could make anything you'd use ground turkey for, like burgers, meatballs, meatloaf, tacos etc.

I also saved this recipe a couple weeks ago that uses ground chicken. I have not built it in the recipe builder or made it yet, so I don't know the nutritional value, and by looking at it I think you could lighten it up by using lower fat milk and lower fat/less cheese, and by baking them in the oven on a rack on a cooking sheet versus frying and by using less/no pasta.

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10/25/12 12:57 P

I went shopping the other day and instead of picking up ground turkey I accidentally picked up ground chicken. I have never cooked with it and dont know what to do with it. I was wondering if I couldnt make a "BURGER" out of it. Any suggestions?

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