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8/27/13 9:13 P

Thanks! I'll choose moderate from now on :)

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,549
8/27/13 7:48 P

It's very difficult to burn more than 100 calories every 10 minutes or so, even with the most intense exercise. My guess is that you burned more than 275, but probably no where close to 800 calories. I would think the "vigorous" entry means you're going all-out, which would be hard to do for a full hour.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

8/27/13 3:50 P

Last week I used a recumbent bike at the gym for 60 minutes. The bike does not have a customization function to add age and weight, so I decided to ignore what the 'calories burned' stated on it. When I got home, I logged it in the tracker, and it said I burned over 800 calories. I logged it as vigorous, because I went over 21 miles in that hour. The bike stated somewhere around 275 calories burned.

I was just wondering how accurate the tracker is, so I know whether or not to believe it when there's a great calorie burn like this!

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