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2/3/10 10:45 A

Measure how many cups the recipe makes and divide by 6, that is the serving size for that recipe. Serving sizes will vary by recipe.

2/3/10 10:43 A

I love to cook. I gave up along time ago on going by the supplied calories in a recipe. I figure out my own calories for the whole recipe based on the ingredients I'm adding. Then I figure out how many servings I'm going to get out of the dish. Works for me.

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2/3/10 10:36 A

Anyone out there that can help me????

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2/2/10 9:21 P

I hate when recipes don't say 1 cup per serving etc.
Taco Soup (sparkpeople recipe) just says serves 6 but how much per serving. HELP. Maybe 1 cup???

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