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3/9/11 1:45 P

A serving of fruit would have:
60 calories
15 grams of carbohydrate

Most servngs fall in the 100-150 gram range by weight.
Dietitian Becky

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3/9/11 1:23 P

From this Sparkpeople article:

One serving equals:
1 medium piece of fruit
1/2 cup fruit (raw, canned, or frozen)
1/2 cup cooked vegetables (canned or frozen)
1 cup raw vegetables
1/4 cup dried fruit
4-6 oz. of 100% juice (serving size depends on the type of juice)
1/2 cup cooked peas or beans

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3/9/11 1:17 P

I measure them in grams... but how much of each fruit is a serving? Anyone have a site?

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