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1/10/13 5:44 P

I usually weigh daily, first thing in the morning, but I don't consider a weight loss or gain unless it's consistent three days in a row. Water weight, a little extra salt the day before, more or less activity, or a poor night's sleep can all affect the morning's weigh-in.

PUNKPOPTART SparkPoints: (1,163)
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1/10/13 4:28 P

Thinking I'm going to do it every morning, but not sure yet!

CREICHEL Posts: 108
1/10/13 4:13 P

Every morning!! Gotta stay on top of things!!

MAYBER SparkPoints: (120,147)
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1/10/13 4:03 P

Belong to TOPS so weigh in weekly
Weigh self at home usually once to compare with chapter scale
One day at a time

FITBODME SparkPoints: (0)
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1/10/13 3:51 P

no set schedule, I try once a week at my job's scale but sometimes at home I weigh a few times a week just to check where I'm at.

CHLOEAGH SparkPoints: (29,002)
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1/10/13 3:12 P

Once a month, or whenever I feel like investigating how my weight fluctuates. I'm maintaining right now, so I just need to check in to make sure I'm still at the right weight.

GRANNYLOSES SparkPoints: (14,653)
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1/10/13 2:54 P

Daily. I know that weight can fluctuate every day but if that number is up more than one pound I know I have to be more vigilant.

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WITCHYFANSON SparkPoints: (11,479)
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1/10/13 2:19 P

I'd like to weigh myself at least once a week but I don't have a scale nor do I know anyone with one. I know they aren't that expensive but it's not something I desperately need so I probably go several weeks and sometimes months without weighing.

SUNSHYNE53 SparkPoints: (12,054)
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1/10/13 1:58 P

I weigh in once a week. I am tempted to jump on the scale everyday. I think if i was to weigh in everyday it would zap all my motivation. if the scale does not read like i think it should, immediate depression sets in, and then i go snacking on unhealthy stuff for comfort. I am trying to use some other methods outside of weighing in to detect my weight lost.

2013LOSE20 SparkPoints: (679)
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1/10/13 1:48 P

For the first year of my journey I weighed every day. That made me crazy to see the scale up a pound and then down. Now only once a week.

MNNICE Posts: 17,262
1/10/13 1:33 P


SPIRALDOWN SparkPoints: (0)
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1/10/13 1:28 P

i weigh once a week. i am frustrated enough if i am up on that one day never mind if i weighed in daily with the way weigh can fluctuate throughout the day and week. i couldnt imagine the stress off a daily weigh in. I weigh in Wednesdays between 6-6:15 pm.

LEARNINGWITHLIZ SparkPoints: (20,646)
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1/10/13 1:13 P


SASKMAN SparkPoints: (2,377)
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1/10/13 12:30 P

I've been weighing myself every morning or every other morning. I like some of the comments here saying once a week as a weigh in. That's what I'm gonna start as. Sunday evening is now booked into my agenda as my weekly weigh in. :)

WHOVIANGIRL23 SparkPoints: (30,484)
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1/10/13 12:02 P

I had to force myself to start only weighing once a week, on Monday mornings.

I'm very careful about what I put in my mouth. Everything that passes my lips goes on the food tracker. Last time I was on this journey, I was obsessively weighing everyday, dozens of times a day. It was getting pretty bad. At first, I liked the accountability of it, seeing how I fluctuated, etc. But then it became bad. I'd get mad as the weight fluctuated upwards during the day, and get even more mad if it hadn't gone back down by the next morning. So now, I'm going back to once a week, and seeing how that works out for me.

I know the everyday works for a lot of people, and to each their own! But I have a perfectionist mentality (aka all or nothing) and there's been too many times where I've gotten mad and binged because I saw the number fluctuate. So now I have to see what works for me!

DEBBIE8273 SparkPoints: (819)
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1/10/13 11:10 A

I weigh myself once per week. I feel that doing it this way I give my body a chance to lose some weight. Based on other eating plans, I have found this best for me.

CBONCHUK SparkPoints: (2,454)
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1/10/13 10:07 A

Daily record it in my calander on my phone and track weekly on a spreadsheet and here!

EMLG11 Posts: 110
1/10/13 10:00 A

I weigh myself daily now. I had always been a once a week weigh in person but decided to change it up when I recommitted to weight loss. I only track it once a week however. I have found that it is really good motivation and reinforcement for me. I have had a problem in the past with getting really scale and number focused so the deal to myself was that I would do the daily weights unless I felt myself getting number obsessed. So far so good on that front! My weight loss has been very steady and consistent at this point. I have to admit I am a bit nervous of what my response to a plateau will be. I guess I should write out a plan now so I have it in my back pocket just in case I need it.

K-MONEY Posts: 30
1/10/13 9:36 A

Daily, but I only track when it's gone down (or up significantly).

LOSER05 SparkPoints: (472,405)
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1/10/13 9:35 A

once a month

PTEILH SparkPoints: (809)
Fitness Minutes: (112)
Posts: 3
1/10/13 9:35 A

I weigh myself every morning. I have been doing this for the past seven months and it helps me be careful what I eat during that day. It works. I count calories and do exercise daily. I have lost eighteen pounds in these months I started at 152 and am now 134. I've gone down in cloth sizes from an XL to L or Med shirt and I went from a tight 6 pant to a loose 4 size.

KATHIEA0714 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 1
1/10/13 9:26 A

I weigh myself every morning - My benefit plan at work encourages me to add my weight and activity on a daily basis...I have to admit it gets frustrating when you see your weight fluctuate by as much as two pounds from one day to the next - but I just keep the exercises going and it does force me to watch more closely what I'm sticking in my mouth - Glad to see there are others out there who also weigh themselves every day - I think it is a good way to nip in the budd when you are gaining, every if it is a pound, because it eventually adds up

AFCANTRELL SparkPoints: (27,477)
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Posts: 801
1/10/13 9:03 A

I record my weight daily, but sometimes I unofficially weigh morning and night.. just for comparison/data purposes.. I might be obsessed.. but it is a healthy obsession. It doesn't stress me out.

BOBINVA SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (80,607)
Posts: 4,521
1/10/13 8:26 A

Almost never. Maybe once a month.

GOMARTI Posts: 3,383
1/9/13 6:09 P

Everyday. It helps me see what food items are too high in sodium since I have hypertension. Plus, I can immediately nip things in the bud. I have been weighing myself daily for 2 years now and it just works for me.

11TERRY20 Posts: 237
1/9/13 6:04 P

I go in streaks. Sometimes every day, but if I'm feeling pressured by it, I'll skip it for as much as a week.

DEETZ1 SparkPoints: (164,693)
Fitness Minutes: (68,883)
Posts: 216
1/9/13 5:46 P

Like once a month...

1/9/13 5:37 P

I usually weigh in twice a week. Once at the beginning of the week on Monday and then again mid-week on Thursday to make sure I am staying on track

MARLIESE01 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (5,506)
Posts: 779
1/9/13 5:27 P

i try not to do it more that once a week because it wreaks havoc on my emotions when it goes up and then I binge. this way I avoid the daily fluctuations and am more hopeful it will go down

MARIHELEN SparkPoints: (179,198)
Fitness Minutes: (84,099)
Posts: 3,965
1/9/13 5:17 P

once per week

LIZA_JD Posts: 466
1/9/13 5:00 P

I check my weight just about every morning. emoticon But I track it on Monday mornings. Like a lot of others, I chose Monday to stay on track during the weekends. emoticon

LBUGHER Posts: 188
1/9/13 4:57 P

Just once a week, on Friday. I know it goes against the conventional wisdom of weighing yourself on a Monday as motivation to "be good" over the weekend, but the weekends are really the only time I cut loose so I'll have one or two larger meals with alcohol, and that always means a heavier weight on Monday morning even if it's just water retention. It keeps my morale high to weigh in on a Friday and see the weight loss over the week! I've learned one or two heavy meals will NOT break the bank. But they WILL make you "heavier" on weigh-in days if you eat something salty/fatty/sugary the night before. Who doesn't love to report a number lower than the week before? :)

DUKEFAN86 SparkPoints: (110,880)
Fitness Minutes: (80,813)
Posts: 1,450
1/9/13 4:39 P

Right now, I'm on a daily weigh-in kick. I find I'm more consistent when I weigh in daily, no matter how I ate the day before.

OZIETWIN Posts: 680
1/9/13 4:30 P

I will hop on the scale periodically through the week - but the only weight I record is Sunday morning. - that's the "official weight of the week"

LEANJELLYBEAN SparkPoints: (14,103)
Fitness Minutes: (2,835)
Posts: 222
1/9/13 4:00 P

Once a week on Monday mornings. Helps me to stay motivated through the weekend!

BNM8704 Posts: 170
1/9/13 4:00 P

once a week

AWBROWN40 SparkPoints: (16,729)
Fitness Minutes: (13,910)
Posts: 242
1/9/13 3:31 P

Once a week, saturday mornings!

1/9/13 3:29 P


KARBYN Posts: 35
1/9/13 3:21 P

I do the same as Swediepie and others - every morning, just to get the day off to a knowledgeable start, though not in an obsessive fixated way, but only once a week for "officially" for the trackers. I picked Sunday, just because that's a slow day for me, so I have more time for entering info here.

I am glad to back at Spark again.

DINAOREILLY SparkPoints: (69,468)
Fitness Minutes: (82,093)
Posts: 1,353
1/9/13 2:37 P

Daily. I am obsessed :-(.

IMASAGE06 SparkPoints: (20,447)
Fitness Minutes: (5,758)
Posts: 1,430
1/9/13 2:28 P

I get too obsessed with it.. so I only do it once a week now. On Mondays to make sure I don't go crazy over the weekend.

SWEDIEPIE Posts: 338
1/9/13 2:22 P

I weigh every morning. It keeps me on track, and I know to understand and expect daily fluctuations. I officially weigh in for my tracker every Monday morning. This is to keep me on track on the weekends, knowing that Monday will reflect my weekend's shenanigans. ;)

1/9/13 2:20 P

every day

GENEVIE5 Posts: 3,181
1/9/13 2:09 P

once a month

MMDAHLEN SparkPoints: (33,179)
Fitness Minutes: (77,175)
Posts: 153
1/9/13 1:45 P

emoticon I step on the scale every morning. I want to make sure I am staying on track and not going up.

MIRV22 Posts: 643
1/9/13 1:35 P

I weigh in once a week on Fridays for my official weigh in. I will OCCASIONALLY get on the scale at other points during the week if my curiosity gets the best of me, but I try to avoid it. Too often it gets discouraging. I usually lose the first several pounds pretty quickly, but after that, I expect to only see a 1-2 pound loss a week, and I'm ok with that as long as it is going down.

NAUSIKAA Posts: 4,848
1/9/13 1:35 P

Every morning. What's unhealthy about it? It's information, and the more information you have, the more you can use it to your advantage. I like to see my weight every morning so that I can average out 7 days worth of daily weights to get one weekly weight that is much more accurate than picking a random day of the week to be the magical weigh in day.

DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,313)
Fitness Minutes: (15,545)
Posts: 9,713
1/9/13 12:45 P

Fairly frequently, but I only officially weigh in once per week.

Honestly, if weighing in that often is that emotional for you, changing to a once-per-week weigh in would probably be more healthy for you emotionally.

Pick a day (I like Friday, so that I don't have Monday weekend oopsies on there. ;) and weigh at the same time, under the same circumstances. The rest of the week, put the scale away!

MANDIE2397 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (875)
Posts: 11
1/9/13 11:28 A

I check my weight every morning...sometimes I check it multiple times a day. I realize that is probably not healthy, but I feel like I need to and the reminder of looking at that number on the scale tends to be a good reason not to go to the fridge or cupboard for a snack. It makes me realize that I'm really not hungry- I would have just eaten something to eat it.

1/9/13 11:24 A

I find I'm pretty much addicted to checking my weight everyday. I KNOW your not suppose to check it that often because it can change day to day but i cant help it. Every morning I'm excited to see if i have lost a fraction of a pound. I usually just end up disappointed with no weight change or worse.... and increase. emoticon

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