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8/23/14 12:26 P

what you want to aim for with water is replacing what you lose. that might be four cups or it might be a gallon and change. it all depends on how much you're losing through breathing, sweating and urinating. your urine is actually the best way to tell if you're hydrated. that pale, yellow color is what it should be. if it's dark then you need to be drinking more. if it's clear then you actually need to cut back.
other important factors are what you eat and what you do. people who eat a lot of soup, watermelon or other really wet foods will actually need to drink less water because they're getting the liquid they need from their foods. a sedentary secretary in the ac in dc isn't going to need nearly as much water as a ups driver in florida. those sorts of quirks abound, which is why your urine is the best judge.
for most people a half gallon of water isn't going to be enough water to cause an issue unless they already have some underlying issue. it might be the very lowest end of those things and that could be compounded if you're trying to not urinate after you drink it. but if you're drinking coke and coffee, well, the body is pretty darn fantastic in that it takes what it needs from whatever you give it. so if that's what you give it, that's where it is taking the water it needs from. so chugging eight cups [a half gallon] down at the end of the day is most likely going to make you feel unpleasantly sloshy for no good reason. plus you'll be up all night running to the bathroom. by all means if you urine is dark, work on drinking more. but there isn't really any benefit to you chugging it all at once at the end of the day, though there is a small host of unpleasant consequences.

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8/21/14 9:38 P

You're safe.

It takes a LOT of water for it to become dangerous.

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8/21/14 1:04 P

emoticon do whats right for you

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8/20/14 11:53 P

MOTHERBOARDER - your Urologist has given you a figure based on YOUR needs and YOUR health, and YOUR environmental conditions. The same wouldn't apply to many others and could have serious consequences for them if they were to follow that as a 'one-size-fits-all!"


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8/20/14 11:54 A

my urologist said 4 liters a day max

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8/20/14 10:38 A

8 cups is the generally accepted norm, but that doesn't mean it's right for everybody. I think a much better guide is the method that Weight Watchers uses: Take your body weight, divide by 10, then divide that number by 1/2. So, if you're 140 lbs., divided by 10 = 14, divided by 1/2 = 7 cups of water a day.

As said by PPs, water is in lots of other things besides a glass as well. Thirst is a great guide.

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8/19/14 10:22 P

You don't need to drink 8 cups of water per day. There is no real scientific evidence to back up this recommendation. Most adults do just fine if they drink when they are thirsty.

Also, water is in a lot of different's in your tea, your diet soda, your coffee, etc. All of those count towards liquid ("water") intake.

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8/19/14 5:05 P

I'm not sure I would drink that much water at night, not because it might make you sick but because you'll be getting up all night to use the bathroom!

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8/19/14 4:34 P

Any fluid counts. Remember too, that there is some fluid in the foods you eat - even cheese.

Some people tend to push water, water and more water, but really, that can have a negative effect in that too much water can wash out essential electrolytes in your body.

You are best to use thirst as a guide, and to pay attention to the colour of your urine. Ideally it should be a pale yellow/straw-like colour. If it is clear, you can afford to cut back a wee bit (sorry about the pun :-) So if you haven't consumed 8 cups of liquid, don't worry. I don't often drink 8 full cups of liquid, and in fact, a Specialist I was seeing for a possible condition for something else, even said to cut back, knowing how much I was drinking. I don't have any medical condition that requires limiting fluid.

As far as drinking 8 cups all at once - not a good idea. That can lead to depleted electrolytes which can have serious consequences.


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8/19/14 4:19 P

I had two cups of coffee this morning, a cup of water, a diet coke, two more cups of water and. . . realized that I only drank three cups of water. I'm drinking some herbal tea right now, which I hope counts as water. Is it okay for me to drink all eight cups of water at night without food, if I forget to drink water throughout the day? I ask because I have heard about people getting sick from too much water at once, and I'm not really sure what that threshold might be.

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