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FITGLAMGIRL Posts: 2,045
2/15/13 1:51 P

You can have about 6 tsps of sugar a day for an adult. Half that for kids. I make everything homemade right down to sauces and syrups so I rarely eat anything with added sugar that I haven't made myself. Today it's already lunch and I haven't had any sugar yet, so I think I probably fall below the 6 tsps per day.

If you drink a can of soda for example it has roughly 10 tsps of sugar in it, already over the recommended for an adult for the day. Just by switching from soda to water it's a win win. Don't switch to diet soda though, even worse for the poison of artificial sugar.

Sugar is really not the enemy here, it's all the processed food and the fast food and eating out and sodas and junk foods. That is the REAL issue. If people ate more of a diet of homemade recipe foods, and follow portion control much of the obesity issues would be resolved today in my opinion.

It's eating REAL food is what is important. Down with the convenience and packaged foods. They don't do a body good!

OBIESMOM2 SparkPoints: (245,277)
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2/15/13 10:43 A

keep in mind you also need to read the ingredients.

I'm doing a 28 day no sugar challenge for Feb. Naturally occurring sugar will show on nutrition labels (steel cut oats, plain yogurt, milk, etc.), but if no forms of added sugars or artificial sweeteners are in the ingredients, it's allowed on this challenge. Reading the ingredients can be tough because there are so many different names for added sugar.

if you can limit prepared foods, you can really control your sugar intake because you KNOW what you are adding.

that means making your own salad dressing too!

BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (108,021)
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2/15/13 7:33 A

You can search that on the SP website and there are tons of articles that would help you to determine the exact sugars to avoid such as any thing ending in "ose"

SUITABLE Posts: 5,959
2/14/13 11:41 P

It sneaks in there so hard to know.

ETHELMERZ Posts: 19,652
2/14/13 9:12 P

I count calories, and watch starches, but sugar is not something I worry about, certainly don't count them. Calories in, calories out is really where it's at, in the end.................

SHERRYB223 SparkPoints: (3,124)
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2/14/13 8:58 P

I was wondering the same thing , I'm trying trying to cut it out too.

2/14/13 8:48 P

Cute, yes Happy Valentines day!
we weight the same and also our goals are the same. cool.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
2/14/13 12:28 P

i don't do any processed food so i don't get the sugar from that. I also don't have any refined white sugar in the house. When i want to sweeten anything I use coconut nectar, raw honey, grade b maple syrup, dates, raisins and other fruits. Occassionally I will use some green stevia powder (i don't buy the stevia in the stores-that is processed).

My sugar intake is relatively low.

CHERYLL1949 SparkPoints: (56,737)
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2/14/13 12:18 P

Hummmm it is Valentine's Day!

AKATHLEEN54 Posts: 601
2/14/13 11:53 A

I don't really count I just try to avoid foods that have extra added sugar or processed foods. The more fresh fruits and vegetables you can eat and things that you can prepare yourself are the best way to go.

2/14/13 10:54 A

How much sugar do you do in a diet a day ? a Meal?
All sugars include Corn Syrup, Fructose, splenda and Aspartame I try to avoid.
I'm finding there is sugar in everything!

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