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2/12/13 6:09 P

I'd reserve deadlifts for beginners. They are an advanced move and should not be done unless you've had a trainer show you how to do it properly. :)

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2/12/13 5:50 P

Compound exercises work several different muscles at once, allowing you to work most of the major muscles in the body in just a few moves. Isolation exercises work just one or two muscles.

Muscles generally come in opposing pairs (eg. biceps to bend the elbow, triceps to straighten it), so even with compound exercises, you will need to do 2 for each muscle group.

Unident's list of compound exercises is a good one, although I would add deadlifts to that list.


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2/12/13 1:23 P

The New Rules for Lifting for Women is a great book. It gives you a different set of exercise every 6 weeks.

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2/12/13 1:14 P

I do one exercise per muscle group. Depending on how I structure my workout, it is between 3-6 exercises.

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2/12/13 1:05 P

Depends on your goals.

For general health and strength improvement, I recommend not doing every type of exercise that hits every single muscle group you can think of. There are four exercises you need to do. When you've done these four - go home. Don't waste your time in the gym on pointless minor exercises.

1. Pushup/bench press
2. Lat pull down/cable row/pull ups
3. Squats/lunges
4. Plank

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2/12/13 12:46 P

Hi! I'm a new user here. And I got how many reps to do and sets butttt... IDK how many different exercises I should do! I do a muscle group a different day. Please help!! And thank you for responses (:

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