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DWORB415 Posts: 296
7/27/13 1:50 P

Okay, thanks guys! I figured I would have to overestimate.

7/26/13 8:12 A

If I am ever in doubt then i just overestimate. It's the safest bet for me.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,234
7/26/13 8:04 A

size is key with potatoes. 100 grams of raw potato only has about 72 cals in it. 100 grams of baked potato has about 93 cals in it. the issue with restaurant baked potatoes is that the big ones can be over 500 grams. and not only are you getting more potato to eat, but a bigger potato will hold more toppings. and while the jalapeno and broccoli aren't going to be much of an issue [a cup of broccoli only has 30 cals to begin with, so even doubling that's only going to leave you 30 cals off] but the cheese will add up quite a bit based on how much potato and topping it needs to cover.
if you aren't sure how it relates to a wendy's baked potato, try and measure it out and enter it in as a baked potato. then add cheese and broccoli as close as you can get to how much they gave you.

BITTERQUILL Posts: 1,639
7/26/13 12:18 A

There's really no way for anyone to guess unless we've eaten both and can compare the size and quantity of toppings for ourselves. Even then, it would be only a guess since we didn't see them prepare it. A lot of places (like Texas Roadhouse) actually dip the entire potato in melted butter before they even put it on the plate, so they are loaded with way more calories than the diner would ever guess.

If you know the approximate size of the Wendy's potato, and the approximate size of the potato you ate, you can estimate as well as any of as can, or better. Unfortunately there's no way to know for sure. Just go with the estimate you feel most comfortable with and try not to stress about how accurate it is. Unless you're estimating all the time, it's not likely to cause any problems.

DWORB415 Posts: 296
7/25/13 11:46 P

No, that is not it. The place in the mall is named Great American Steak & More. I found that website too, and looked up locations. It isn't the same place. I am in Louisiana and that restaurant does not have any locations in Louisiana. Do you think that the baked potatoes are similar in calories?

STARSHINE182 Posts: 16
7/25/13 10:15 P

I found some info on that restaurant at the link below. Maybe they have the nutritional info you are looking for?

DWORB415 Posts: 296
7/25/13 9:56 P

I have looked online and I can't find out how many calories are in a brocolli & cheese baked potato. I bought it from a place in the mall called Great American Steak. I can't find the place online to find nutrition for it. I looked at other brocolli & cheese baked potatoes, like Wendy's, and theirs is about 300 calories, but this was a pretty large baked potato. I have heard that baked potatoes when dining out are loaded with calories, so I was thinking it had more than just 300 calories, but I honestly have no idea to track it.

I didn't add butter or sour cream. All that was on it was cheddar cheese, jalapenos, and broccoli. Anyone have a calorie estimation for me? For now I just put 2 Wendy's baked potatoes, as I am not sure.

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