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1/27/14 5:15 A

Tracking your food will be an eye-opener for you - at least it was for me. Sometimes what you THINK you are eating to be healthy, isn't necessarily so. Calories, sodium, and saturated fats are all things that influence your weight loss. Sometimes we even eat too few calories and slow down our metabolism in an effort to lose faster.

What do your CLOTHES tell you about how you are doing? What does your mirror tell you? Can you see a difference in fit, shape, definition, etc.? Do you have more energy to chase those kids? Does your hair shine, your nails break, your skin glow? These to me are really good places to start determining if you are eating enough of the right foods.

Take advantage of the tools SP offers and figure out how many calories you NEED for healthy weight loss.

1/26/14 1:18 P

You have some good data to use and Sparkpeople has the resources to help you answer your question.

You have been losing about 1/2 pound a week.
For the next several days, use your typical food/beverage intake and plug this into the SP Nutrition Tracker---this will give you an idea of the number of calories you have been eating daily to bring about that 1/2 pound weekly weight loss.

You can also enter your personal data at SP. Set the program for about 1/2 to 1 pound lost weekly. What calorie range to you get with our formula?

How does the SP calorie range compare to your "typical" intake?

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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1/26/14 12:35 P

Use your nutrition tracker. It will give you a daily range of calories, carbs and fats you should consume in a day.

If you are new - it might help for a few days to start at the top of your range (or even a little over) and bring it down slowly until your body gets used to eating less.

The recipe section here has great recipes to try.

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1/26/14 12:12 P

Ok, for 3 months, almost 4 I've lost 10 pounds. i've cut out pop, junk, etc. with very little craving. I haven't tracked my calories before so I don't know how many I was eating or what amount I should be eating now. So incase this can help someone tell me, please help:

height: 5' 7"
weight, about 215 now. started at 225. im exercising 5-6 days a week, and chasing 2 kids lol.

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