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How Long Does it Take You to Run/Walk a Mile?

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5/30/08 9:40 P

My fastest mile was last Saturday during a speed drill...came in at 7:53 but when I race my 5K pace comes in around an 8:45 and my 10K pace the previous poster mentioned you really shouldn't compare yourself to anyone but you. There are so many factors that allow you to run a particular distance on a particular day.


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5/30/08 5:20 P

I jog a couple times a week at about a 10 min/mile pace. But in my last 5k it said my pace was 8:53 min!! I shaved 2 minutes off my last race time! :)

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5/30/08 4:34 P

At 5'1", my stride is really short, which I'm finding really disappointing as I've started racing competitively! Right now I'm at about a 14 minute mile, but I'm doing a walk/jog combo. I'm hoping to get to a 13 minute mile before my half marathon in March!

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5/30/08 3:52 P

I don't even try to jog. I never liked running/jogging in school, and in university I noticed how much it hurt my knees (and that was back when I was thin). Nope - just a fast walk for me.

Posts: 130
5/30/08 3:38 P

I can walk/run a mile in 14:34. It has been improving everyday...i rotate between jogging and walking but soon i'm going to try just jogging until I NEED to is pretty neat to see the results!

Posts: 1,454
5/30/08 2:48 P

Kristengenell - Who cares if it takes you longer? With all the added weight and the hills, you're definitely getting a better workout!

Posts: 31
5/30/08 2:34 P

Wow, I feel like a wus knowing that most everyone can walk a mile in 10-15 mins. My walks consist of me pushing 60 lbs worth of toddlers in a double stroller through our neighborhood which has quite a few hills and it takes about 20 mins. I'm sure if I didn't have to push them that I could probably do it in 13-15 minutes.

Posts: 131
5/30/08 2:09 P

I walk 1 mile in about 18 minutes on my treadmill. Much better than I was doing a few months ago when I bought the thing. emoticon

Posts: 7
5/30/08 1:51 P

wow, that's awesome. I started 3 months ago and could barely run for more than 3 minutes. Now I am up to 1/2 hour. I can only run the first mile in 13.2 minutes. I thought that was pretty good till I started checking into where it should be. I will get there eventually.

Posts: 141
4/9/08 12:32 P

I have short legs and I'm only 5'0" tall and it takes me 18 - 20 min to walk a mile.

My fastest walking rate on a treadmill is 3.3 mph. Anything beyond that and I'm starting to jog.

I don't jog. ;-)

Posts: 2
4/9/08 12:30 P

I started running a couple weeks ago and have shaved about 3:30 off my time. I do a combination of running/walking 3.5 miles in about 30 minutes, but haven't timed a single mile by itself.

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4/9/08 9:21 A

GOOD_THOUGHTS, you were the first to point out your different times according to if you're outside or on the treadmill. My times differ too, however its the opposite effect of yours. Outside, I walk 3 miles in 36 mins. On the treadmill, I walk almost 3 miles in 40 mins. I have inclines both ways, although I'm certain the incline of 8 on the treadmill is higher than the incline of my outdoor route. I know I'm also walking faster (or maybe not) on the treadmill as I'm walking at least 3.8mph. I'm going to have to do a full 40 mins at my new speed of 4.2 (still with incline of 8) & see how many miles it ends up being.

**I forgot, I also jog for 5 mins @ 4.5mph while on the treadmill as well. I know my outdoor route is measured accurately because every 1/5 of a mile is marked.**

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4/9/08 9:14 A

Last weekend I realized I walked 3 miles in 36 mins. That means I've shaved 1 min off per mile. Yay!

Posts: 4,073
3/28/08 6:03 A

If I really push it I can run a 9min mile. I rarely do this because I can run 2 or 3 10 minute miles, and I'd rather go for the longer runs.
I can walk 15min mile at the fastest - that's really pushing it though, my legs are too short!

Posts: 90
3/28/08 12:42 A

Currently I'm at 10:31. My goal is 10:00 by the end of April.

(Actually, one of my mini-goals is two run two 10:00 miles without stopping. Whoo!)

Posts: 13
3/26/08 1:27 P

13 min. to walk a mile

Posts: 188
3/26/08 1:09 P

about 10.5 minutes..

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3/26/08 12:41 P

The 13 min mile is outside. I try to jog 1/5 of a mile twice during my standard 3 miles. I've only gone to the track twice (last weekend). The second day I tried to run 1/5 of a mile, I was a lot closer than the first day. I slowed my pace and tried to concentrate on something else. :-)

On a treadmill I can walk 3 miles in about 40 mins with an incline of 7. I am trying to get my time better!

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Posts: 662
3/25/08 12:31 P

I walk one in about 16 minutes.

Posts: 942
3/25/08 10:08 A

8 minutes

Posts: 641
3/25/08 10:07 A

I walk a mile in 15. I've started doing walking/jogging intervals, at 10 minute mile, then back to walking. I can't jog a full mile yet, but that's my goal!

Posts: 6,033
3/25/08 9:55 A

I can run a mile in 9 minutes and 34 seconds.

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3/25/08 8:51 A

mine is 12 mins to walk a mile. i am not up to running either and i dont think that i will because it hurts my knees.

Posts: 13
3/25/08 8:45 A

My fastest mile was 5:35 (long distance runner)

but ask me that now, its about a 7:35 mile, hard core running. Haha. On the treadmill I like to do 8mins.

Walking, ehh I don't walk long distance. Why walk that long when you can run and get it over and done with? haha

Posts: 1,090
3/25/08 8:17 A

AMAYARAIN - great attitude! Yes, it's one's own progress and one's own heart rate that matters. Some people are fit and get NO benefit from going at a 20 minute mile pace, even if they're passing us up. Cool to hear that you're getting to see quick improvement in your speed!

Posts: 3,206
3/25/08 7:36 A

I can comfortable walk a mile in 15 minutes and run one in 10.

Posts: 411
3/25/08 7:36 A

I just started at the gym yesterday, and I did a mile in 20 mintutes. I started at 3.0 and increased to 3.5. I think I'm going to try an incline so I can burn more calories because I only burned 80!

Posts: 7,534
3/25/08 6:45 A

Walk: around 15.
Walk/jog: aound 13

I'm always worried about my knees so I don't run /jog much.

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3/25/08 5:42 A

12-15 minutes

Posts: 218
3/24/08 10:12 P

about 16 minutes light jogging

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Posts: 456
3/24/08 10:03 P

it depends on the music on my ipod. i am a slow wogger, and it takes about 18 minutes. i am working on shaving that with couch to 5k program. emoticon

Posts: 193
3/24/08 9:45 P

walking about 1/2 hour, on the treadmill running about 15 minutes!

Posts: 206
3/24/08 9:20 P

On treadmill, 3.5 mph 4% incline..takes me 17 minute
walking. I have a knee injury so I am also trying to strengthen that as I go along. There is no way I could run a mile, not yet emoticon

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3/24/08 9:15 P

My fastest mile on the treadmill is a little under 12 minutes. I would like to be able to do a mile in about 10 minutes.

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3/24/08 9:05 P

My fastest mile has been 8:00, but I couldn't keep that up for more than a mile. My fastest 5K was just under 9 minute pace, but on average I'm about 9:30.

Posts: 176
3/24/08 7:59 P

I started walking last Sunday after a pretty sedentary period. Sunday I was walking a 30 minute mile. By the mid-week it was about 27, and now I'm at 24. It drives me nuts that people just "strolling" around the neighborhood seem to go as fast or faster than me, but you know, I'm improving, I'm going 2.5 miles just about every day, and my heart rate is up - which is what counts!

Posts: 726
3/24/08 7:48 P

12 to 15 Min

Posts: 1,090
3/24/08 7:47 P

I have to be careful to avoid puddles, ice, etc. when I walk, so I walk a bit slower. Plus there are a couple hills around here. If I were on a treadmill or at a track, I would probably walk faster. But for now I go at about a 15 minute mile pace at my fastest.

Today I walked to and from my Curves workout - a bit over 1.5 miles, 27 minutes there, 28 minutes back. That worked out to about 18-18.5 minutes a mile, BUT I was carrying my gym bag which was probably about 8-10 lbs AND I had to wait for traffic to clear to cross a couple streets. ;)

Posts: 542
3/24/08 4:52 P

I walk an mile outdoors in about 15 minutes. On the treadmill, I walk a mile in about 13-14 minutes.

Posts: 153
3/24/08 4:42 P

I usually walk a mile in about 16 minutes. I'll start increasing my speed over time.

Posts: 326
3/24/08 4:33 P

I can walk one in sometimes 13 minutes other days 15.

Posts: 279
3/24/08 3:47 P

I don't run very fast, but I'm terribly impressed with myself :-) because when I started running regularly, a year or so ago, I could barely make it a mile. Now I do 3.5 miles and I run about an 8:30 minute mile. I'm very happy with my progress. Next step is to start running some 5Ks.

Posts: 18,394
3/24/08 3:44 P

Depends on the distance and who's chasing me :)

For my usual workouts, I run an 8:30 mile. For a half marathon, I'm usually around 8:05. I ran a 5 mile race recently with a 7:21 pace.

The most important thing though is not to compare yourself with others but to measure your progress against yourself!

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Fitness Minutes: (23,253)
Posts: 1,362
3/24/08 3:43 P

Depends. My best, which was within the last couple of weeks, was 9:30 (6.5 mph), and I think I did that for 1 1/2 miles. What I was more proud of was that I did 4 miles in 41:45 last Monday. I've come a long way in 10 weeks.

Posts: 553
3/24/08 3:30 P

I can walk one in 15 minutes.. maybe 14 some days.

Posts: 147
3/24/08 3:21 P

For one mile, I think I'm around 9:30. I just ran a mile and a half on Saturday though, and I did it in 14:00. Yay!

Posts: 383
3/24/08 2:31 P

If I only have one, it's around 8:30--if I have more, I'm slower :)

SparkPoints: (21,216)
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Posts: 1,132
3/24/08 2:22 P

How fast I run/walk a mile usually depends on how many I have to do! If I am only running one mile the best that I have done is 7:45. If I have several miles to do - like a 5K (3.1 miles) the best I've done is 8:08.

Posts: 1,869
3/24/08 2:20 P

I walk one in 12/13 minutes :)
I can't run a full one yet either, it's a goal of mine for this year though!

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Posts: 1,478
3/24/08 1:36 P

I'm not in great enough physical shape to run a mile....yet. :-) I currently walk a mile in 13 minutes. I want to know how I compare with others, so how long does it take you to run or walk a mile?

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