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DADDYTREVOR Posts: 1,971
3/15/11 5:04 P

in the top 50

BECKYLYNNE77 Posts: 1,099
3/15/11 4:48 P

very important i like to lsten to k-love radio station emoticon

MARITIMER3 SparkPoints: (186,722)
Fitness Minutes: (100,363)
Posts: 8,953
3/15/11 11:51 A


3/15/11 11:30 A

Music is truly my get up and go daily! I listen to it while I work, while I excercise, while I clean, even when I'm just relaxing. Depending on my mood, I listen to everything, from soft rock, gospel, rap and r&b..I love it all! emoticon

MJRVIC2000 Posts: 12,108
3/15/11 11:22 A

There is music for every occasion: wordhipping, exercising, relaxing, eating, dancing, singing,walking, jogging, etc. So variety is available and it's up to us to find the ones that work for us. God Bless everyone, Vic.

MJRVIC2000 Posts: 12,108
3/15/11 9:08 A

Opera is a story set to music and often sang in a foreign langauge. It can be beautiful if we can understand the story. God Bless, Vic.

PEPPERCORN2 Posts: 588
3/15/11 8:29 A

I enjoy music that makes me move, the most. Celtic is real nice too. emoticon

LOSTLIME SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (21,430)
Posts: 19,221
3/15/11 7:19 A

I like most music. I don't understand opera.

SCROSS6 Posts: 803
3/14/11 12:56 P

I like most types of music, I don't care for rap,reggie,or opera.

MJRVIC2000 Posts: 12,108
3/14/11 12:48 P

Do you like all kinds of music, or do you prefer one over all the others? God Bless, Vic.

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