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DEBBY4576 Posts: 7,111
2/13/12 5:22 P

It is so hard to lose weight, but not sure if it's my age or because I'm in the last 7 pounds. It's been months of gaining and losing 3 pounds. I think you maybe see you are looking pretty good and cheating more, for sure.

CAR58OLE Posts: 718
2/13/12 2:54 P

It's been tough for me... but I also know I am not "giving it my all" somedays... I just wish it were as easy as when I lost a LOT of weight in my thirties!

Very disappointed in myself - that I let most of it creep back on over the last 20 years!

CRAGUN47 Posts: 35
2/13/12 1:56 P

Men: no problem. But women tell me it's harder. Be consistent. Make healthy life changes. Move forward.

BACKTOTEN12 Posts: 1,483
2/12/12 11:22 P

You can do it. It is hard. I haven't been very diligent lately. If I track my food and stay within my calorie range, I lose weight. I do exercise regularly. Most of my problem seems to be planning and sticking to my plan. I need to track to be successful and I haven't been too good at tracking lately. Don't get discouraged and remember to think of it as a new eating plan and not a diet you will be done with when you achieve your goal. Hope you have lots of success. emoticon emoticon emoticon

FITGLAMGIRL Posts: 2,045
2/12/12 9:53 P

I think it's really really hard to lose the weight over 50. The good news though it can be done, but slow and steady wins the race. I set a goal almost 4 years ago which will put me at a total of 52 pounds lost and I can finally say I am within 5 pounds of that goal. Long time I know, but for me it's been extremely difficult. I also have not put anymore weight back on in almost 4 years so for me it's a lifestyle change.

I also workout 6-7 days a week and eat healthy, so what it's going to come down to for me is strict strict strict diet to reach my goal and then I can add back some guilty pleasures.

LTMURPHY7 SparkPoints: (80,334)
Fitness Minutes: (51,403)
Posts: 5,004
2/10/12 4:22 P


2/10/12 10:37 A

Welcome. Just think "one day at a time" and maybe set 5 pound goals. I like to have a non-food reward planned for my mini-goals. Annie

FIT-HEALTHY1 Posts: 551
2/10/12 10:33 A

Harder than before I turned fifty! LOL

CAGIRLINVA1 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 1
2/9/12 7:16 P

Hi, the bottom line is you have lost! That is awesome!

DADSROOTBEER SparkPoints: (5,670)
Fitness Minutes: (3,970)
Posts: 17
2/5/12 8:27 P

I've been tracking my nutrition and exercise everyday and have found it is slow coming off. I agree, I don't mind loosing the weight slowly, as long as it goes down and not up. My problem has been that I will loose a pound or pound and a half, then gain back a half pound. Once I gain it back it is even slower to come off. So far I have lost and kept off four pounds since Dec. 22nd. I know I need to exercise more and that is a challenge for me.

IGOALOT SparkPoints: (16,300)
Fitness Minutes: (4,580)
Posts: 613
2/4/12 8:57 P

hi and emoticon the older you get, seems like it is harder to loose the weight but it does go away just a little slower so don't give up

LORILEEPAGE SparkPoints: (74,925)
Fitness Minutes: (68,817)
Posts: 1,942
2/4/12 6:02 P

I'm 53 and after the first few weeks when I lost 1 pound a week, I've been losing at the rate of 5 pounds each 2 months. Slow but sure. I only had 30 lbs to lose and have lost over half that since I joined in the end of July. I'm not worried about the rate of loss, I just am happy that the numbers are going down.

GALINAZ Posts: 743
2/4/12 4:22 P

hi everyone

2/4/12 3:14 P

Welcome to the site! There is SO much information and action going on here, you will be amazed! I should utilize the tools taught here more. I'd make more progress for sure. Enjoy and take it one day at a time!

DEENASUE Posts: 45
2/4/12 10:51 A

Hello and welcome, I really like Spark people and the support I started Dec 28th in the month of Jan. I lost close to 10 lbs. It came on slow and will come off slow....I love the way I am eating healthy the most :)

VIVAVAL SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 3
2/4/12 10:30 A

I'm new to this site and just want to say Hello.

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