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Try this site:

You would have to transfer your answer to Spark, but at least it's a way to find the nutrition for your juice.

5/6/13 1:34 P

The problem with doing that is that it would really skew the carb count if one is counting whole fruits/veggies vs. juice. I wouldn't sit and eat 2 c. of pineapple, 3 kiwi and a cup of strawberries (the juiced fruits in my smoothie) so it does make a difference. Could I track it, subtract all of the fiber and then do it that way or would that still skew the carbs? Because if I make a recipe, there is no way to adjust for subtracting the fiber

Surely there has to be a more accurate way of doing this

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I would add them as a recipe using the link below:

and then save it to your favorites and it will be easy to then add to your Nutrition Tracker.

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5/6/13 11:07 A

I am tracking my food intake and have no idea how to track juices and smoothies. Should I weight the fruits and veggies 1st and then track the output? I'm concerned that just tracking the fruits and veggies that I'm juicing will give a skewed carb count, etc. Suggestions???

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