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9/29/13 4:34 P

I made sure there was no unhealthy food served at my baby shower.

9/29/13 8:40 A

I eat right before I go and then stick to the vegetables, fruit and nuts.

All that other junk makes me feel crappy and doesn't even taste great so I don't feel like I'm missing out on anything.

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9/29/13 6:19 A

Personally, I don't like to feel as though I should only be eating fruits and veggies when I'm at a social event, because I get those all the time (unless it's something expensive like mangos or avocados). That being said, I'm getting better at not overeating, too. The solution, for me, is to eat small portions, and only of the things I genuinely want. Rather than loading up a plate full of crisps and baked goods, I will take some fruit and veg (again, the ones I really want), then a small handful of crisps and one or two of the tastiest sweets.

LOTUS737 Posts: 3,690
9/28/13 1:09 P

i used many of the strategies below when i went to my coworker's shower- i also volunteered to write down all of the gifts as she opened them (so i didn't have much time to eat) and it worked out very well! if there are veggie and fruit platters, those are your best bet- don't overdo it with dips though! stay away from chips and candy- if you want some cake, that's fine- but take a smaller piece than you normally would (and track it all as best you can). take a water bottle with you if you're not sure if there will be water.

do eat a healthy meal shortly before you go, and i agree with others cut your intake by 50-100 cals for a few days after to help balance it out! :)

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9/28/13 12:53 P

Don't use it as an excuse to eat all you can, but also realize that overeating (a bit) once in a while isn't the end of the world.
Also, plan on going a bit over;
maybe stay low the day or two before, kinda earning a bit of a deficit that can be filled during the shower?
Be honest and worst case, also do a low day the day after?
The low days don't have to be *right* before/after, but it helps to balance out the week avg.

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9/28/13 12:11 P

I would suggest having a healthy and filling meal before attending. That way, you're not going into it starving and allowing hunger to make food choices for you.

Don't heap food on your plate that you don't intend on eating, you can use the plate recommendations (1/2 veg/fruit, 1/4 carbs and 1/4 protein) and once you're finished it have a tea or coffee to give your body time to realize it's full.

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LYNNIEV Posts: 394
9/28/13 11:26 A

Best thing you can do in those situations is simply use your own judgment. If there is a variety of food offered, try and go for the lower-cal options, if possible. Another thing you can do is eat a little something before you go so you're not as hungry at the shower.

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9/28/13 11:10 A

I am going to a baby shower today and I need advice on how to not overeat and such. Please help me?

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