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How Do I Stop Putting SO Much Pressure on Myself?

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1/7/13 12:49 P

I follow the maximized livings 5 Essentials- Mind, Oxygen, Nerves, Nutrition and Detox. As you can see the mind is the first one listed. No one out on any of these sites can get your mind in the right place. Sure they can make suggestions and cheer you on, which is what I will do as well, but it is imperative to your journey that you get your mind in the right place.

I won't make specific suggestions to you, but I will tell you how I am doing it. My first step and the most important one is determining your BIG WHY. Mine is simple. It is to be the best and healthiest Aunty out there to my nieces and nephews. I love all of them to pieces and want to enjoy running around with them, going to their school functions, in time their graduations, weddings and yes their children. I can't accomplish that if I let excuses, fears and doubts get in the way. I still have some way to go as those excuses, fears and doubts do tend to creep up.

This is how I make it work. I eat vegan raw and it will be close to 100% vegan raw as for the next 28 days I am doing a vegan raw bootcamp. I will crave cooked food. I just have to tell myself that it holds no appeal. It is not in the goals of this bootcamp. I may choose at the end to stay that way or modify it. But I keep the kids in my mind. Eating Healthy is important.
The same goes for exercise. I HIIT daily (maybe not the weekends where I do lighter exercises), but believe me-- these exercises kill me. I am out of breath, sore and sooooo wanting to kill the trainer. However, again I think of the angelic face of my 9 month old nephew and do a couple more squats. In the form of surge training, that last part of the routine I want to quit. I am spent and done. But I don't quit. Again that little face is looking at me from the computer and I try to go extra hard.

I am sharing this journey with very few people. I don't need the negative comments or the questions like where are you getting your protein or you HAVE to do cardio. I get my protein from green sources and i do not HAVE to do cardio. I haven't really done cardio in 5 months and I have lost inches, I am sleeping better, etc.

Here's the only advice I will actually give you-- FIND THE FUN. Exercise is hard work but it is also fun. Eating healthy is hard work, but again fun. Experiment with both. Change it up. keep your big why in mind. If you think that losing weight is a big enough WHY, you are wrong. Anyone can lose weight. But it takes more to be healthy. That is what I want.

Good Luck.

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1/7/13 10:25 A

I can't stop putting pressure on myself to lose weight. I am so hard on myself about it and feel pressured--not just from my own expectations but the expectations of others. I get angry and snappy when people say things to me about losing weight and,even though I understand where they are coming from, I feel myself buckling under the pressure and wanting to shut down.

I don't know how to stop. I want to enjoy this process. But I can't handle the pressure. I just can't and its making me feel completely hopeless about this. I have asked people to please stop talking to me about it, to just let me work through my emotional tangles first. The pressure is just too much. It's breaking me.

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