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8/5/09 7:51 P

Canned goods are a good idea, because the weight is printed right there on the can.

A water bottle also has its merits, because you can gradually increase the weight. 1 pint weighs about 1 lb.


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ANMRUNNER Posts: 1,809
8/5/09 5:33 P

Just trying to think of some other objects for different amounts of weight:

-several different sizes of soup cans
-laundry detergent (might be awkwardly uneven)
-a couple hardback books held like a taco
-cordless phone (?)
-filling a water bottle with sand/rocks/etc


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8/5/09 4:39 P

I think a water bottle is a good idea as you can add or take away water to make it as heavy as you need. The easy adjustablity seems like it would work well.

Good luck! emoticon

RUNNER1976 Posts: 537
8/5/09 1:07 P

start with something small... like a water bottle... then build yourself up. A gallon of milk weighs something like 6-8 pounds.

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8/5/09 1:02 P

A broom stick or mop will also work for wrist curls. It's roughly 1-2 pounds. You could also try some household tools like a heavy wretch or hammer too.

CHEWIEKIKI Posts: 3,170
8/5/09 12:59 P

Canned goods or water bottles should work. Try to use something you can grip in the middle so you're not thrown off by uneven weight (like a water jug with a handle).

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KIPRUSS3 Posts: 1,473
8/5/09 12:58 P

I'm starting to rehab my elbow, and have to do wrist curls and bicept curls for it. The muscles are very weak, and my normal 5-10 lb weights don't work.

The therapist said I should gain strength in just weeks, so I don't really want to invest in 1 & 2 lb weights (if they even make them).

Do you creative people have ides of some household object I can use?

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