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12/10/13 7:18 P

I've heard that each time you quit, you're more likely to stay "quit"

don't beat yourself up & good for you for making the decision

I notice you haven't posted in a few days so I hope you're doing OK with the not smoking thing. if you did give in to temptation, just try again!


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13DONNA1 Posts: 69
12/6/13 12:13 P

Thanks! You too!
I have been smoke free for a day and a half. Sounds like nothing probably but its a great feeling. YAY!!!! No puff for me. Yay! I was told yesterday that a craving usually passes after 3 minutes. That's given me such strength. So, as I keep going with this day, I did start off with a great jog on treadmill for 40 minutes. Great way to start the day.
Hour by hour......

Life is too short...Make choices to be happy.
JIBBIE49 Posts: 62,270
12/5/13 11:02 A

Happy Holidays emoticon

13DONNA1 Posts: 69
12/5/13 8:31 A

I have quit smoking so many times. I have failed so many times. I am going to use this journal as an hour by hour check in or day by day check in spot. Wish me luck! No more puff. I can't just have a puff. I have always thought, well I'll just have one. That doesn't work for me. Im addicted to cigarettes. I'm going to do it this time with sparkpeople and
I am focusing on cleaning, laundry, drinking fluids, and breathing fresh air today.
Hour by hour today.......I can do this.

Life is too short...Make choices to be happy.
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