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It is ACTIVITY that burns calories, not sweating. Hot yoga burns the same number of calories as regular yoga - typically around 200-300 calories per hour. 500-700 is still a serious overestimate.

There is a link within the fitness tracker to enter your own exercise if you can't find a specific activity.


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2/7/13 6:51 P

Yes, just enter regular 'yoga' into the fitness tracker, and Spark will calculate it for you.


2/7/13 6:46 P

Yes, thanks again. I just found a calculator here
when I input my info it says "Congratulations you burned 862 calories!" Of course I don't take that for gospel-I child-posed in the last bit of flow or didnt sit down as far as I could have in eagle...whatever the case, i realize that's probably the best case scenario, I still intend to "mark" it as closer to 500-700 calories burned per hour MAX. However, I'm not sure how to input that in the fitness tracker as it doesn't offer Bikram or hot yoga as an available option.

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Just know that all calorie calculators use an algorthim to determine the calories burn for a particular activity, so anything outside a laboratory setting is just going to be an estimate of calories burn. The more data you supply--weight, height, age, heart rate, etc, the more accurate, the estimate will be. But remember there will still be a margin of error.

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2/7/13 6:33 P

My estimates come from google (I used the lowest range I found to the highest) and therefore multiple unreliable sources. I thank you for your concern of me *overestimating*. I was inquiring if anyone actually *knows* how to figure that information out there, given that there is really no reliable source.

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I agree with the other posters...the calorie burn appears to be an overestimation as calories burn is not calculated on heart rate alone...calories expended is actually based on the amount of oxygen one consumes in response to large muscle activation which in turn leads to a greater demand of oxygen and nutrients.

The number you are experiencing is equivalent to me running for a solid hour to 90 minutes. This does not mean you are not burning calories, you just want to be careful that you are not over-estimating your calories expended figure.

Coach Nancy

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2/7/13 5:55 P

Even if you are sitting still, in high temperatures, your heart rate will increase as it works harder to pump blood to the extremeties of the body to remove excess heat. This means that HRM's will not produce accurate calorie burn figures in conditions like hot yoga.

The truth is that hot yoga will not burn any more calories than doing the same poses in a room that is only 70F. And that is how you should track it.

And I am always skeptical of any reported figure over 800 calories per hour - a fit individual doing an intense cardio workout may burn this amount in an hour. But for a yoga workout where the emphasis is on flexibility and strength to some extent, rather than cardio intensity, figures anywhere near this level are extremely unlikely.

(I don't mean to dis hot yoga - it has many benefits. Just trying to put a more realistic figure on the calorie burn).


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You do sweat more, but increased sweating is not an indicator of increased calorie burn. It just means your body is having to work harder to cool yourself down. Calories are burned through the engagement of large muscle groups in rhythmic activity. Yoga has many benefits, but like strength training, they are not generally in the massive-calorie-burn department. I would be very careful about estimating 1,000 calories per hour doing hot yoga. That is likely quite an overestimate.

You're working your heart harder... but not your muscles.

As for the mat... get a yoga towel. :) I found one at Marshall's with little rubber bumps to keep it from slipping for less than $15. Helps a LOT!

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2/7/13 5:04 P

Does anyone else do hot yoga on a regular basis? I noticed in the fitness tracker there isn't a way to keep track of it as an exercise, so I've had to reconfigure the minutes spent to accurately reflect the calories burned (approx 600-1000 per hour depending) Does anyone else have any suggestions for how to set this up?
As for the actual class, my studio offers yin, moksha, hot classic hatha, and traditional hot among others and I take 3-5 classes per week. Any help on getting my hands to stick better to the mat in downward dog? I find myself with lifted knuckles often, as well as slippery hands.

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