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Hot Tea = Water?

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Posts: 2,667
1/5/13 9:27 A

I'd say it's up to you.
I don't count anything but water as water, even if I drink black tea, coffee or herbal tea in addition

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1/5/13 7:57 A

I don't count anything but water towards my 8 glass goal. I figure everything else is like a bonus, but I like the habit of making sure I get 8 glasses of pure water in.

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1/5/13 6:28 A

If it's herbal tea I would.

Posts: 2,010
1/5/13 5:28 A

I count it as water

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1/5/13 4:55 A


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1/5/13 4:40 A

yes I do

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Posts: 295
1/5/13 4:27 A

I am trying to cut back on all caffeine, so I do not count coffee or tea as water! I just drink a lot of water with lemon wedges in it!

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1/5/13 4:20 A


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1/5/13 3:50 A

I do he same only my teas will be herbal, puerh, green, white, mate or rooibis teas. teas will total 6 cups and water of coarse is 8.

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1/5/13 2:23 A

I tend to drink 10-12 cups of liquid a day, sometimes more. At least 8 of those are usually hot herbal tisanes (no sugar)...occasionally white or green tea. I have a four-cup French press that I fill twice a day and I sip all day while I am working. Then I drink a quart or so of water at the gym...then occasionally a cup or two or herbal tea late at night.

If I have a cup of black tea, I do count that...I just wouldn't want ALL of my liquid for the day to be caffinated tea because of the dehydration effect.

I don't count the 4 ounces of coffee that I have most days...or the 8 ounces of milk that I have with it...or the liquid in soup, veggies, etc.

So, I guess my perspective is that this is a balancing act. Don't drink more than a serving or two of caffiene a day. Do drink a lot of clear liquids without sugar in them. Don't drink pop (even diet) except as a very occasional treat. Don't drive yourself to madness trying to count your liquids--as long as you are getting at least 8 cups a day, things are probably just fine.

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Posts: 607
1/4/13 10:49 P

I count hot tea and iced tea as water servings.

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1/4/13 8:19 P

Glad I saw this post.

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1/4/13 8:01 P

I count my tea as water. However, if you add milk and / or sugar you need to track those foods as well!

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Posts: 2,323
1/4/13 6:09 P

Yes it does. If eating veggies count then tea should

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Posts: 523
1/4/13 2:33 P

I count all of my fluids- actually all of my foods-, but I count only the actual water content. IE, a glass of milk is not a full glass of water, because part of that one cup is the colloid that actually makes it milk! So what I do is I track my water consumption on my food feed, I aim for 2000 g of water a day, or 2000 ml (2 liters), which is slightly over 8 cups, and then at the end of the day, I use the water tracker. It's just easier for me that way.

Also, if you think about it: sometimes we 'eat' caffeine. My boyfriend likes these caffeinated jelly beans that he gets at the sports store when he goes climbing. So what is the nutritional difference between drinking a glass of caffeinated tea and drinking a glass of water plus eating a couple of those jelly beans? Why can he count the water with his beans but not the water with the tea?

Many of us don't actually need 64 fl oz of extra water a day if we eat a healthy diet. So really, as long as you aren't feeling dehydrated (thirsty, headaches, slight dizziness, etc), there is no reason not to count all of you WATER BASED beverages.

ALSO: on the note of tracking urine color. THIS HAS LITTLE TO DO WITH HYDRATION. Taking multivitamins does not necessarily dehydrate you, but if you eat a really healthy diet, you end up having more vitamins than necessary in your system, and because so many are water based... you pee it out, and that changes your urine color. One day, I took a B-vitamin gummy, drank Zip Fizz, and had a prenatal multivitamin in addition to a really healthy fruit-n-veggie loaded diet, and forced myself to drink a TON of water- until i felt sick- to test this out... my urine was pretty yellow and didn't clear up for a couple days.

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Posts: 986
1/4/13 11:19 A

I think they can as long as there isn't caffeine in them.

Posts: 1,038
1/4/13 11:18 A

Caffeine is the diuretic and not all teas have caffeine so they are not all diuretics. Many herbal teas are naturally caffeine free and I think can easily be counted in water consumption.

Posts: 11,440
1/4/13 11:13 A

I don't "count" my water intake I watch the color of my urine

SparkPoints: (13,478)
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Posts: 283
1/4/13 11:10 A

The amount of fluid you lose from coffee and tea (in moderation) barely exceeds 1/4 of the amount of fluid consumed. I say it counts :)

SparkPoints: (76,906)
Fitness Minutes: (17,391)
Posts: 2,116
1/4/13 10:33 A

I read some Spark article a while back that says you can count half of a caffenated beverage - 8 oz = 4 oz towards water count. So, I count decaf coffe, tea, and soda in my totals but I try to get at least 6 glasses of plain water minimally each day.

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Posts: 11
1/2/13 11:10 P

Had someone give me some Wu-Yi.... omgah!!! it's so delicious

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Posts: 350
1/2/13 11:09 P

The only time I count tea towards my 8 is when it's white or green tea with no sugar- definitely an acquired taste but it's a change from plain water and for me I need to change it up to make it work. If I add sugar, especially for fruitier or more caffeinated teas, I won't count it.

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Posts: 90
1/2/13 11:05 P

Thanks everyone for your responses! It's so cool I can ask these questions to people with the same goal as me. :) I'm struggling to get my 8 glasses everyday. I drink a decaf hot tea every morning with 1 sweet n' low packet.

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Posts: 5,941
1/2/13 11:04 P

I think that tea should count.

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Posts: 11
1/2/13 10:48 P

"The caffeine in tea is a mild diuretic. However, the British Dietetic Association has suggested that tea can be used to supplement normal water consumption, and that "the style of tea and coffee and the amounts we drink in the UK are unlikely to have a negative effect [on hydration]". Just one quote from the internet, but I found several more. This does argue both sides... it is IN FACT a diuretic. The amount that folks in the UK take in (serving size) is smaller than what we take in (US). If you drink in moderation or smaller amounts, then it can supplement is how I take this. But it is in fact a diuretic. I found website upon website that states this, which is what I already knew. It seems though that is has more to do (on each website) with the amount we consume here in the US.... We tend to have much larger portions and that goes for pretty much everything. LOL... which is why we are on average much bigger than the rest of the world as well. emoticon

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Posts: 3,367
1/2/13 10:39 P

Tea, coffee, is not necessarily a diaretic at all, not nearly as much as once thought, read up on it. It all counts folks, and at least coffee or tea has some taste to it.........

Posts: 5,550
1/2/13 10:38 P

You will always get different answers here. I do count fluids towards my 8 glasses. I have trouble getting them in and counting tea, crystal light, etc helps. If you easily make your 8 glasses, then add a an extra water or two, but I think You can count them in my opinion!
Happy New Year!

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Posts: 11
1/2/13 10:28 P

I have to disagree with the tea counting as water. I'm an RN, and we teach our patients that tea and coffee don't count as water... tea is a diuretic which rids your body of excess water and therefore does not have the same affect on your body as water including having a different affect on your kidneys. Crystal lite? water. It doesn't change the chemical composition, it just makes the water taste better. But for what it's worth, tea shouldn't count.

Posts: 7,155
1/2/13 10:16 P

I do because I drink it plain, usually green tea.

Posts: 3,340
1/2/13 10:00 P

I count herbal tea, hot or iced, as additional water. I still try to get at least 8 glasses of regular. emoticon

Posts: 29,654
1/2/13 9:51 P

If there's no sugar or caffeine in it, you could probably count that towards your daily fluid intake. Here's an Ask the Expert about water (what counts, what doesn't, how much you need), that you might find helpful:

Coach Denise

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Posts: 90
1/2/13 9:18 P

Should I be counting my morning hot tea as part of my 8 glasses of water?

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