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BECCALULU Posts: 272
10/3/11 12:43 P

I think this post would be more appropriate on the nutrition board as opposed to PANIC!
You'd probably get a lot more responses as well. ;)
Good luck!

FTSOLK Posts: 1,365
10/3/11 12:34 P

I have some 3 compartment plastic lunch containers from Easy Lunchboxes (similar to the 3 compartment ziploc ones). I know of some great ideas for cold meals, but I want some lunches/dinners I can make in the containers and then heat up in the microwave. I need ideas for things I can put in each of the 3 compartments.

I'll pretty much be putting everything in the lunchbox and then microwaving it the next day or that evening... they'll be for babysitting/work- so I don't have to eat real TV dinners.

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