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DASHKATH Posts: 862
6/28/13 5:25 A

That is frustrating.

Its not really a good idea to weigh yourself more than once a week. Weight naturally fluctuates. You need to weigh yourself at the same time on the same day to get a true comparison. So pick a day (Monday morning????) and make that the only time you weigh yourself. Keep tracking your food and making healthy choices. Keep up the exercise. Then see if the scale doesn't start moving in the right direction.

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6/27/13 4:02 P

19ASHLEY92 ---- I feel your pain. I am in the same situation. Decided to start eating better (and less) and working out, only to have the scale go up instead of down ... Grrrrr... so frustrating.
However, on a positive note .... Because this happened to me I started doing some research (some with the help of the fabulous people on this awesome website) and I learned something pretty important ... Don't worry about what the scale says so much. If you keep up the good work, it WILL pay off.
This is a great article that I'd highly recommend ... It definitely helped me feel better. Best of luck!

CMCOLE Posts: 2,667
6/27/13 8:02 A

firstly, daily our weight fluctuates - so a few days eating healthier will not necessarily show a true indication on the scale

secondly, if you set your goal at being healthy, rather than some arbitrary number on the scale, that's a GOOD goal. Only you (and your doctor) see the scale

thirdly, your mindset to begin fresh is all it takes in September. As you say - you're moving. Many people that you meet once you get there will only know the "you" of that day - nothing in the past needs to be dragged along as baggage

Best wishes on your healthy journey.
You've made good choices to help get there

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6/27/13 3:23 A

Generally it isn't down to WHAT you eat, but how much, of what you eat. Of course, we still need to eat good nutrition - that is what our bodies work best on.

Some thoughts have to come mind:

* Do you use the Nutrition Tracker? If not, it would be a good idea to start doing so, because then you will be able to see where you need to make adjustments. It might also point out to you that your 'little bit of this; and 'little bit of that', has added up to a lot more than you thought! I put everything I eat into the tracker, even if it is only 2 or 3 calories.

* Has your weight-gain coincided with extra exercise? If this is the case, it isn't uncommon because we can develop muscle which needs more fluids etc. to allow this to happen. It should settle down soon enough.

* How are your clothes fitting? Often they become loose before we notice the scales shifting.

* Hormones - our body is constantly gaining/losing because of this. We can even gain a few lb in the course of a single day.

I would suggest just making baby steps, changing one or two things to start with and as your mind/body gets used to the changes, add another to the mix. It might be more water and less soda/juice/alcohol etc. It might be walking a bit further in your day - inside your own house if need be. That is in fact how I get the bulk of my exercise - I put my groceries and laundry away one at a time. I don't have to worry about uneven ground; if pain starts to set in I don't have to walk home because I am there already. I don't have to worry about the weather, or whether the environmental triggers are going to start my asthma off.

Even if you don't lose the weight, by eating much healthier food, paying attention to portions and getting exercise, you are doing a lot of good for your body. Weight is only a part of it.

I hope that this gives you something to think about.


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6/27/13 1:38 A

Well, I made my goal to lose 10-20 lbs. between May and August. I've been trying all summer but have not lost a single pound (I'm moving in September and really wanted to start my new life with a new image, ya know?) Actually, I've gained a few.

I really tried to kick my diet into full gear last week. (I had been a counselor at camp and miraculously gained a couple pounds after splitting my plates in half and getting more exercise than usual *note the sarcasm lol).

The last two days, I've eaten mostly fruit and vegetables. I've eaten salads for most of my meals (mixed greens, strawberries, blueberries, canned chicken, and lite raspberry vinaigrette) and my snacks have mostly been fruit and Cool Whip. Today, I walked over a mile (I've been slacking a little on my exercise lately because of the extreme Texas heat).
I drank plenty of water and tea (unsweetened) and haven't had pop in days. I did make some vegan cookies (it was a WeightWatchers -another dieting fail- recipe that was only 1 point) that I snacked on a little today, but that's all.

Well, I've gained about two more pounds since I started trying to be super healthy- I mean within the past two or three days.

I don't mean to sound whiny, but could someone give me some advice? I kind of feel like I'm losing my mind, here, trying harder and harder and getting farther behind! I've fought weight my whole life and nothing seems to work.
Does anyone else have this problem? What else can I be doing?

Thanks for reading my little tantrum and thank you for any advice and support!

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