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10/27/12 8:13 P

I've personally seen her for about 5 minutes and the local station up here has turned her into a joke...which is what she is...On the local radio station they have what ridiculous thing has honey boo boo said today...they play some clip and then people call in and guess...THen they make fun of the person for knowing what she had said.

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10/27/12 7:41 P

ARCHIMEDESII SparkPoints: (195,894)
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10/27/12 1:59 P

Honey Boo Boo is probably a pretty typical kid if it weren't for the fact that she has cameras following her around constantly. That kind of media scrutiny is just not normal. Her show producers and managers are the ones who keep booking her on to these talk shows. That's why they keep the media blitz going, so that more people will watch the show. Bad publicity is still publicity.

Honestly, I never understood why people watch shows like the Jersey Shore, Jon and Kate plus eight, the Kardassians, etc.... All of these shows are supposed to be "reality" shows. Well, there's nothing REAL about any of them.

I really feel badly for Honey Boo Boo. She's being exploited. I'm sure the show is edited to make her seem more dramatic than she really is. She strikes me as a really bright, precocious child. I hope money IS being put away so that she can go to college.

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10/27/12 1:04 P

I watched the show for all of 5 minutes and couldn't take any more. I have seen her on talk shows, too. I don't think it's an act - I think she is that out of control and it is disgusting. That mother should be horse whipped for allowing and encouraging her to behave in that way. Kids today are bad enough without that as an example to follow.

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10/27/12 12:07 P

Haven't seen her nor heard of her before this . . . and it seems that I am not missing anything worthwhile!

LALA_1012 Posts: 1,364
10/27/12 12:06 P

She is very annoying! I believe it is her mom's fault! The little girl does not know any better! She thinks that attitude is ok because her mom allows it and the media encourages it!

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10/27/12 12:01 P

Saw this...kid star Shirley Temple compared to this Honey Boo Boo. -- what a contrast.

EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
10/27/12 11:57 A

I'm more disgusted at her Mom for exploiting her that way! She's actually encouraging her to act like bratty bimbo!

JAMINURSE Posts: 3,932
10/27/12 9:38 A

I don't watch the show. I saw a few minutes and that was enough. The sad thing is that some day that little girl will realize that the premise of the show was to make fun of her. Not sure that will catapult her to success. In fact, it could be detrimental to her self esteem. I think it is a shame that children in all of these reality shows are being exploited in this way. If an adult wants the world to see their reality, that is their choice. Children should not be put on display.

BLUENOSE63 SparkPoints: (108,021)
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10/27/12 7:03 A

People seem to love shows regarding the "extremes" of life.....the sad part it is the TV viewers that keep these shows on the air.

ARTSYGIRLV2 Posts: 1,232
10/27/12 6:52 A

Her TV show is just the crazy flavor of the moment, but the family is evidently connecting with something in the American psyche because the mother is or has been on 3 TV serials, Honey Boo Boo, Extreme Couponers, and Toddlers & Tiaras. Program developers want to come up with topics people will talk about, and see? We're talking about this one.

ILMEL1957 Posts: 2,490
10/27/12 6:06 A

I haven't watched a program with the name "Boo Boo" in it since I was a child in the sixties and watched The Yogi Bear Show.

RUBENB2003 Posts: 14,837
10/27/12 2:59 A

I don't know honey boo boo and I don't want to know her.

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10/27/12 2:54 A

Well said Hellen!

PIPERJ4A SparkPoints: (0)
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10/26/12 9:12 P

Just another waste of time on american tv. It really makes me wonder what society is coming to

10/26/12 9:08 P

I'll admit I sat and laughed through the whole season. So they don't raise their kids the same way you do. Doesn't mean she's going to grow up to be a failure. Maybe seeing herself on that show will be the jump start she needs to change her life. If child welfare were to step in and take her away from her parents, shouldn't they do it to most of the other children on the toddlers and tiaras show?? How many of those parents sugar their kids up for pageants?

ETHELMERZ Posts: 19,233
10/26/12 9:05 P

Reality tv is just another sign of the continuing "Dumbing Down" of American Culture. There will always be fools that watch this stuff, or read junk, buy junk, whine about their lives, etc....
You can't legislate morality, though it's been tried for years.

NFLATTE Posts: 9,503
10/26/12 8:57 P

HBB... emoticon

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,406
10/26/12 8:40 P

I don't watch most reality TV shows. Not HBB or the kartrashians.

I do watch some things on TLC and can hardly avoid the commercials for her show. Since I regularly tune into the channel it is on

JEFFGIRL Posts: 11,135
10/26/12 8:36 P

I have not seen the show, only the previews. That's the way I'll keep it too. I think from the previews that it is right up there with "Toddlers and Tiaras" but perhaps a little worse. On the "Toddlers and Tiaras" it is obviously exploitation by the Mothers, and they should be ashamed of themselves. When I have seen some of those Mothers-again in previews- I CANNOT BELIEVE the things they coach their little girls to do and the way the Moms act. And people watch this stuff?? I say "Get a life!"

KKLENNERT809 Posts: 10,742
10/26/12 8:24 P

I agree and I don't think she should be seen publicly.

JULIA1154 Posts: 1,783
10/26/12 7:54 P

I haven't seen any of the reality shows and actually had to ask a co-worker what HBB was all about. It sounds pretty awful, to me. If people would quit watching those shows, however, they would go away sooner rather than later. I have a hard time believing that people waste their time watching that stuff.

FITMOM1969 SparkPoints: (0)
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10/26/12 7:44 P

It's not the childs fault, the family is on tv to make money and by any means necessary not the only ones exploiting themselves for a paycheck. If you took a camera and put it in a lot of homes you would be amazed and disgusted all type of ridiculous and disgusting things go on in the world and in a lot of homes. And as far as some of the reality tv people, yes some of it is real but I would imagine they exaggerate to make themselves seem more interesting or outrgeous so people will continue to watch, and therefore they continue to get paid. All we can do is change the channel and not support the garbage and hopefully the more of us that don't support it with ratings it will go off the air, not just this show but others also.

I_HEART_MY_FAM Posts: 1,809
10/26/12 6:22 P

I can bet almost everyone here or maybe all who has replied to this thread will also agree to the last two posts about reality tv garbage.

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10/26/12 6:20 P

I agree Kes!

KES1089 SparkPoints: (0)
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10/26/12 6:00 P

I agree with MMEEAAGGX3. I don't really watch TV, but when I do turn it on out of boredom I get so disgusted at all of the grown women on TV who act even worse then children. They "prostitute" themselves out for money. There are people out there starving, sick children and the families can't afford care, and elderly people who can't afford medications. From what I've seen they hardly or never donate their time and money to help others like those of us who have less to give but still try.

I_HEART_MY_FAM Posts: 1,809
10/26/12 5:41 P

MM- I do not watch any of that crap either, but they are adults and that is a huge difference. That little girl is gonna be one hot mess come tween and teen years not to mention adult life.

MMEEAAGGX3 SparkPoints: (0)
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10/26/12 5:25 P

Oh PLEASE. How are you disgusted by an actual real life family as opposed to those rich snobs on half of reality television? Yeah, her family is crazy and a little obnoxious at times, but you know what's more obnoxious? Walking around Boston seeing homeless people then going home, turning on the tv, and watching snotty ass women buying thousand dollar purses every day moaning about their lives. I'd choose to watch Honey Boo Boo over most reality garbage ANY DAY.

BOBBYS1GIRL SparkPoints: (0)
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10/26/12 4:46 P

The whole family makes me sad. Very sad. Who needs to promote health and manners when we can get paid to promote obesity as something to be desired and manners as something to be mocked?

FENWAYGIRL18 Posts: 5,868
10/26/12 4:14 P

I honestly don't believe it's an act and I agree there are enough kids walking around with no manners, they don't need to see this child acting like she does so they can think acting like a spoiled brat is okay...
Again you can't really blame the child when they are encouraging her to act like this, some people will sell their kids out for a buck and fame. I feel bad for her, she seems like she's not enjoying what she's doing and isn't liking all the attention now and of course the show is a hit so she has no choice.
I blame her parents, the show and GREED!

OBIESMOM2 SparkPoints: (240,632)
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10/26/12 4:10 P

Coogan laws (as in Jackie Coogan/Uncle Fester) mandate that 15% of her pay be put aside for her until she reaches 18.

that's not much as far as the total they get. And 18 is very young to have a lump sum of money turned over to your control.

TURTLESDOVE Posts: 1,067
10/26/12 3:27 P

I've just got one thing to say about this whole Honey Boo-Boo thing. Anybody remember the classic movie with Bette Davis and Joan Crawford called "What ever happened to Baby Jane?" Nuff said!

KES1089 SparkPoints: (0)
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10/26/12 3:05 P

I'm a bayou girl, and many people call us rednecks. We're not idiots. I don't really watch the show to know how her family behaves, but most of the people I know are very hardworking loving people. We do love mudding, hunting, fishing, 4wheeling, and big trucks. And, yes, most of us live off of what mother nature put on earth. However, we're not idiots. I just don't want the image that one or a few families portray to be what you think of us "rednecks". For some reason most of the TV shows that portray us country or bayou people show only the bad apples (which EVERY city, town, etc has those). I feel that just because we like mud, guns, and trucks doesn't mean we're idiots.

Edited by: KES1089 at: 10/26/2012 (15:07)
BJPENNY70 Posts: 4,806
10/26/12 3:04 P

When I said the welfare should be called in, it wasn't for the bad habits they teach her. It is the fact that little girl is being exploited. That is just wrong. She can't defend herself. She is trapped in this thing until they decide they don't want to do it anymore. The damage that is being done to that poor baby is just wrong. I also agree with the pageant thing. No little girl should be paraded around dress up like a 25 year old. What ever happened to just being a sweet cute little girl?

10/26/12 2:59 P

DMJAKES Posts: 1,635
10/26/12 2:32 P

My bet is that at some point years from now she's either on Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehab show or one of those "half ton mom" shows on discovery. She's being taught that acting like an idiot redneck and being the center of attention is what life is all about. Once the cameras go away and she's left with trying to figure out what to do next, it may get really ugly. I've only caught pieces of a couple of episodes, but it is very sad, IMO.

PURECOUNTRY29 Posts: 866
10/26/12 2:25 P

I refuse to watch it or to allow my children to see it, I wont help the parents make money off their child, especially this way

FLYINPIG Posts: 415
10/26/12 2:22 P

Well, I can't say I have watched the show. I've only seen the previews. I have seen an episode of the Toddlers in Tiaras and I must say that I agree with OBIESMOM and find the whole thing quite disturbing......

LOSE4LIFE47 Posts: 69,265
10/26/12 2:17 P

Pretty sad to put this little child through this but it isn't her fault.

LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
10/26/12 2:10 P

Wow. I hadn't been aware of this until I saw this thread. I searched out a few videos online and I have to say that I'm a little horrified by what I saw. It's basically just tragic that this little girl is being raised and trained to be so trashy. She's being exploited by her family. She may have some celebrity now, but it isn't going to last. It isn't cute now, in my opinion, and I doubt that anyone will think it's cute in a couple of years. Sadly, the way that she's being raised now is going to shape her future and, basically, I think she's got no future except for poverty (because whatever money she's making now isn't going to last long) and morbid obesity (she's, sadly, already obese, and I doubt that this is going to get any better with the "foods" that she's learned to eat and is fed on a daily basis). Overall, she's basically going to end up like her mom, except that the cameras will be gone. She'll also be left with the memories and shame of what America is seeing right now and that will last a lifetime.

BTW--I recently heard that some of these energy drinks may have been giving some people heart attacks due to having so very much caffeine. I definitely don't think anyone should be feeding them to a child.

Edited by: LOVE4KITTIES at: 10/26/2012 (14:15)
MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,406
10/26/12 1:15 P

I don't think she is cute or witty by any stretch of the imagination.

DLDROST Posts: 8,082
10/26/12 1:01 P

Total waste of MONEY

KES1089 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 45
10/26/12 12:42 P

I think her parents exploit her, but I don't think child welfare should step in. This is America, and we can't take people's children away for raising them in a way we don't agree with or teaching them unhealthy habits. However, I'm really appalled that her mom gives her the "go go juice". Why would anyone give their child a drink made from half energy drink half caffiene drink??? Too much caffiene can and has killed adults! There are ingredients in there I would never consider letting into my child's body. I guess I've said my peace haha.

OBIESMOM2 SparkPoints: (240,632)
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Posts: 14,781
10/26/12 12:29 P

just be glad she's not from your home state. It's embarrassing.

I do not watch the show, but I've seen the commercials. DH watched an episode one night. I caught a few minutes of that before I could get the headphones on to drown it out.

I feel sorry for the kids in the family because the unhealthy habits of the mom & her guy are being passed down to the kids. Alana will likely have weight issues for the rest of her life, just as her mom & older siblings do.

at the end of the day, they are a loving family having a good time together.

I don't agree with the child pageant thing. To me, that's a pedophile's dream: making babies dress provocative and prance around. It's just sick IMO

the South Park parody went too far. If you didn't see it, I won't go in to detail. I usually think Matt and Trey are funny, but picking on a little girl like they did on that episode was too much. I sincerely hope nobody in her family ever saw it.

BJPENNY70 Posts: 4,806
10/26/12 12:11 P

She is indeed very cute and very witty. There is nothing wrong with that part. It is what her parents have taught her to act out that is not cute. I feel for the poor little thing. She wants to be cute, but they have taught her the wrong way to do it. Plus a lot of time she seems so tired and they pull that child. She should be out there playing with other kids and going to school. Being normal not someone to make fun of and laugh at. It breaks my heart everytime I have seen her. She has no idea she is being used by her parents and the media. They are making a bundle off of the child. No child should be used like that especially when it is not in her good interest. She should be love, cherished, and be taught politeness. Not to be obnoxious. That isn't cute not at all.

CHEETARA79 SparkPoints: (106,373)
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Posts: 3,852
10/26/12 12:01 P

I don't understand what's so bad about her. They wouldn't put her on TV is she was mild-mannered and polite. She's a cute little girl with a quick wit, it seems. What's wrong with that?

TINACOOLEY1 SparkPoints: (83)
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Posts: 11
10/26/12 11:58 A

I have been hearing a lot about this Honey Boo Boo lately and I know nothing about her. I really think I will check into it and see what it is about. From things I have read sounds like a child out of control, but again I have not encountered it yet. LOL,,

BJPENNY70 Posts: 4,806
10/26/12 11:53 A

It isn't the child's fault. She has been taught it is ok to act like that and that it is cute. It is a shame the parnets are exploiting her like that for money and they don't care if the child is being made fun of. I think child welfare should step in and put a stop to it. It is a form of abuse toward that little girl. It will take a lot of loving care to bring her out of all of that bad behavior taught to her. Some folks should not be parents of any kind. Plus anyone that lets their child watch that behavior is going to have a child acting like her. What is wrong with people these days ????????????????????????

IMELECTRIC SparkPoints: (14,798)
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Posts: 517
10/26/12 11:41 A

I don't think it is an act. I think that is why they gave her a show because they couldn't believe it themselves. I wonder if the family even knows the show was for people to make fun of them? I just raised my kids the polite, courteous, and explained to them people don't always raise their children in the same manner.

I_HEART_MY_FAM Posts: 1,809
10/26/12 11:02 A

I don't watch the garbage show, but lately I have seen that rude abnoxious girl everywhere. I do believe it is an act, but what message is this sending to other kids? They have her acting our during interviews too, or is it even an act? she acts worse then a two year old fed 5 lbs of sugar! I seen her on news programs and Dr. Drew. I'm disgusted!

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