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DAHEMMI Posts: 225
4/20/10 8:47 P

i do this cuz i live by myself. something i've found really great lately though is i cook up some meat, then portion into 80-100 gram snap lock bags and just freeze like that, nothing added to it. then i can defrost the meat and make something out of it, that way i end up with a variety of flavours and meals from the one pack of meat. means i dont have to make up 5 different meals in the one day and i dont have to buy a lot of different things to keep my diet interesting. of course i always have some complete meals frozen aswell. curries freeze well, u can even freeze the rice too if u dont mind it a little mushy

4/20/10 4:08 P

DiscDog - When I travel I take one microwave safe dish for heating. That way I save space by freezing in Zip Locks, especially if I need to take several meals on the road, but can warm the food safely.

DISCDOG Posts: 2,668
4/20/10 2:02 P

I do batch cook and freeze---been doing it for yearss. But do you heat in the micro with the food still in the bag? I'm a little wary of the chemicals from the plastics leaking into the food...

LJRW170 Posts: 431
4/20/10 1:54 P

I like to make Turkey Chili, as it freezes well. Last night, I put together a broccoli and chicken casserole. You can search recipes on SP that freeze well. It's such a fantastic time saver!

LOVETORUN9 Posts: 205
4/20/10 1:40 P

Some great ideas here! I'm definately going to try this!

4/20/10 12:55 P

I use this method too, only I don't freeze my meals. I cook several things on Sunday that I portion out into individual bowls and take for lunch during the week. I have many different things I cook, but these would work well frozen:

Beans and Rice
Most soups (Beef and Barley, White Chicken Chili, Tomato, Vegetable)

KFORGIE Posts: 800
4/20/10 11:53 A

What a great idea - I'll check it out! I refuse to eat the store bought because there are insane amounts of sodium in them!

ERINLINDSAY83 Posts: 14,076
4/20/10 11:48 A

Thick stews are great! Chili freezes very well!

4/20/10 11:47 A

Inspired by Rachel_Mac's blog, I am now making homemade frozen-flat dinners in baggies that can be taken on the road, work or school for quick, nutritious meals. _journal_individual.asp?blog_id=3080064

So far I've tried:

* ground beef with brown rice and frozen mixed vegetables with a bit of marinara sauce

* steel cut oats with pumpkin pie spice, vanilla and peanut butter

* canned beans drained and frozen flat to add to salads

Do any of you make your own frozen meals? What do you include?


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