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10/15/12 6:48 P

That is AWESOME Shauns that you are exercising. That can be a big help in your healthy living journey.

I do want to advise you not to walk with ankles weights. These weights were not designed for this purpose and can actually create bigger issues for you, especially if this forces you to change your stride. You can use them for basic exercises such as leg raises and such, just do not walk in them. They do not allow you to burn any more calories nor do they build muscle endurance and strength using them this way.

Coach Nancy

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10/15/12 6:47 P

Please don't wear ankle weights for walking. You put yourself at a much higher risk of joint injury.

10/15/12 6:43 P

I love walking, because it can be done inside or out, and am up to the stage that I wear 2# ankle weights and walk in intervals. When I am inside I remember the Jack LaLane (that gives away my age) TV shows where he would use a chair or the wall to stabilize myself while doing stretches and movements that need a touch or more help. Remember the exercises where he would lay on the floor, fanny fairly close to the legs of the chair, arms extended at the sides and use the abs and glutes to lift for 5 seconds, then down. He also used to put the back of the chair against the wall, place his hands on the outsides of the seat behind him, then use his arms to lift, and go down. Good old Jack was a pioneer in home exercising, and it may be possible to rent old DVD's from the library for hints for new moves.

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