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BRENDAARB Posts: 135
4/10/09 6:09 A

Way to go!!! keep it up and don't fall to the old ways.

One day at a time sweet Jesus.
LASVEGAS,BABY SparkPoints: (4,765)
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Posts: 60
1/8/09 5:35 A

emoticon you're doing a great job, well done!

JETTAGREEK SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (1,119)
Posts: 292
1/8/09 12:28 A

emoticon emoticon
keep it up

VTHISTLE Posts: 13
1/7/09 9:28 P

Congrats on the healthy milestones you have reached with SP, I hope I can do as well! I was lost in your site for a while...your animals are beautiful. I just love all of your horses but the black one with the kinky mane is absolutely georgous!

Thank you for the inspiration! emoticon

RSTATHIS Posts: 1,764
12/30/08 10:12 P

Way to go!!!

AMYBETH54 SparkPoints: (8,068)
Fitness Minutes: (15,175)
Posts: 1,036
12/30/08 10:55 A

Congrats! Thanks for the motivation!

FUNNINFIT SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 2,959
12/24/08 11:30 P

Tracking the food is key to losing weight...congrats! emoticon

PHATINDC Posts: 26
12/24/08 5:16 P

way to go!

RANDOM00B Posts: 20,851
12/21/08 12:55 P

emoticon emoticon

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." -- Aristotle

"Sweat are the tears of dying fat." -- Unknown

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BLUEINKPEN Posts: 1,021
12/20/08 2:46 P


"Those who can laugh without cause have either found the true meaning of happiness or have gone stark raving mad." -- Norm Papernick

"Harm none"
SAGAFARMS SparkPoints: (0)
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12/19/08 11:46 P



"When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, "I used everything you gave me"."
-Erma Bombeck

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IVYLASS SparkPoints: (160,270)
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12/16/08 1:01 P

Congratulations! I could hardly believe it worked for me either...but I've maintained the new me for more than three months now!

One stumble does not a failure make.

Everything in moderation.
RUBELLA Posts: 860
12/16/08 12:14 P

You should be especially proud of yourself for getting those 5 pounds off by making better decisions not by stressing!

"Stay on target..."
JSCHARF Posts: 1,231
12/16/08 11:11 A

The best part is that it keeps on working and helping you achieve your goals. Congratulations!

"To Finish is to Succeed..."

"Live the Dream"

"Be the change you want to see." Gandhi

CRISSA22 Posts: 2
12/14/08 3:50 P

That's EXACTLY my thought too!! IT WORKS!!! Because of all the crazy restricting dieting, I got this idea in my mind that if I eat "bad" foods like pizza or icecream, etc,etc I will gain weight!! But that's WRONG because we can still have them as long as we control the portions.
SP is just GREAT, it's the best tool one can have on the weight loss road!
Anyway, GOOD JOB and keep on going!!! emoticon

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DARQUEEN SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 172
12/14/08 12:33 P

Wow, that is really inspiring. The worst thing about dieting for me is the stress. Usually I don't crave a particular food, but when I try not to eat it, just pops in my mind every 5 minutes. That's stressful. Go for you!!! ^^ emoticon

NSHUNIA Posts: 34
12/12/08 11:16 P

HAPPY HAPPY, JOY JOY!!!! emoticon

DEECUD Posts: 2
12/11/08 11:07 P

Congrats! Congrats!! Contracts!!!

Hats off!!!

Little drops of water makes the mighty ocean. A drop of 5 pounds is good going... keep on, keep loosing until you reach your goal

AMALONEY3 SparkPoints: (18,258)
Fitness Minutes: (11,432)
Posts: 75
11/27/08 5:10 P


SP definitely works. I'm down 20 pounds and there is NO WAY I could have done this on my own. Counting cmy daily calories has been a life saver! I've got 10 pounds to go and I am so excited - I know I can do it!!!


When the desire to change overcomes the fear of change, nothing can stop you!
PEBBLESGMC Posts: 16,380
11/27/08 10:44 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

I am so worth this!!
Nothing tastes as good as thinner feels!!
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SHACKMAN SparkPoints: (26,367)
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11/24/08 12:24 P

Good job Amy! emoticon Keep up the good work and I am doing a happy dance for you too!

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BEEPARENT Posts: 758
11/24/08 12:18 P

Good for you! You are on the right track!

PIGLETSMALL Posts: 5,061
11/24/08 10:55 A

That's so amazing. Congratulations and good luck. I will also do a little dance for you. Hugs x

Hugs Helen xxx

Life is like a butterfly.

RMX185 Posts: 747
11/24/08 10:52 A


GREENCHIC78 Posts: 136
11/24/08 10:47 A

Congrats on your loss and keep it up! I too have realized that SP helps me not obsess so much over the food I eat and has opened up my eyes about the calories I have been taking in. Keep up the good work!

Change is inevitable, progress takes work.
~Carl Lashley (my dad)~

An harm it none, do what ye will
~ Wiccan Rede~
SPARKGUY SparkPoints: (60,914)
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Posts: 11,783
11/24/08 9:55 A

Woohoo - these so-called "little things" are the early sparks we see that lead to amazing changes in the lives of our members. So, yes you should be very happy about this!


"Your daily actions and words impact more people than you ever realize!" -- SparkGuy

11/24/08 9:17 A

This is such a little thing, that I've lost about 5 pounds in about a month or so, but I can't tell you what it means to me. Not that I haven't lost weight before. I have. But I'm doing this and I'M NOT STRESSED OUT ABOUT FOOD!

I'm not going insane worried about what I can and can't eat. I mostly eat whatever I want but tracking calories allows me to make better decisions and maybe just have a little treat instead of one huge splurge after another.

So just a little happy dance and good wishes for everyone!

My beloved child, break your heart no longer. Each time you judge yourself, you break your own heart.
~ Swami Kripalvanandji,
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