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10/4/12 12:38 P

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You go girl....great habits become part of you when you continue to repeat them....cheers to your fitness levels & food levels continuing to be your new norm!!! emoticon


MARYJOVINCENT SparkPoints: (35,265)
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10/4/12 12:28 P

This is HUGE. It means that a healthy lifestyle is coming natural to you and you are incorporating it without much effort. I am very happy for you and looking forward to getting to that point myself.

DMSGLASS Posts: 1,294
10/4/12 12:17 P

emoticon that we should all come to this point!

-PAULA SparkPoints: (138,752)
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10/4/12 12:15 P


MANDELOVICH Posts: 2,383
10/4/12 11:41 A

What a fantastic breakthrough!! You've internalized new healthy habits!!

PGNBRI SparkPoints: (30,053)
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10/4/12 11:40 A


LIVIN_THE_LIFE Posts: 1,595
10/4/12 11:40 A

That is amazing!!!

NASFKAB SparkPoints: (477,610)
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10/4/12 11:31 A

awesome congratulations

BRIDGHE SparkPoints: (450)
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10/4/12 11:16 A

That is so awesome!

LODESTONE Posts: 3,501
10/4/12 11:00 A

Yowsa! Way to go-- living the new normal- that sounds about right. Tweaking it will result in another new normal, and soon, the goal is met.

LILLIHELLMANN SparkPoints: (0)
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10/4/12 10:51 A

It's not getting easier, YOU are getting better! Keep up the good work. emoticon

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SJKENT1 Posts: 1,813
10/4/12 10:46 A

Here's to our new normal!!!! emoticon

BLUENAINA SparkPoints: (26,142)
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10/4/12 10:31 A

That is awesome!

GIRLINMOTION SparkPoints: (262,614)
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10/4/12 10:00 A

That is so awesome to hear. You are enjoying your healthier lifestyle journey and reaping the benefits too.

MOTIVEDME SparkPoints: (0)
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10/4/12 9:58 A

that's great keep up the good work.

ANGIEMH83 SparkPoints: (22,267)
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10/4/12 9:52 A


10/4/12 9:52 A


HEATHABLUE SparkPoints: (26,053)
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10/4/12 9:51 A

Congrats! I'm starting to feel that way myself finally! I am gearing up for darker fall and winter days to see if my habits are ingrained enough to beat the winter blues and lazies. For me, That could be a bigger challenge than creating the exercise habit. :\ But I'm ready! And your blog helped as a reminder to keep at will continue to get easier...if I don't give up. Thank YOU!

JACKIE542 SparkPoints: (0)
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10/4/12 9:51 A

emoticon emoticon

DENVERSUZ Posts: 290
10/4/12 9:48 A

Great job and great realization! emoticon

MAMAHOYT SparkPoints: (3)
Fitness Minutes: (9,065)
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10/4/12 9:30 A

Keep up the great work.. emoticon

HLOCHRIDGE SparkPoints: (115,710)
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10/4/12 9:20 A

What a wonderful way to look at it! Very proud of you!!!

RICHARJ SparkPoints: (4,619)
Fitness Minutes: (430)
Posts: 372
10/4/12 9:11 A

I know how you feel. I have switched to healthy foods on many levels and I too am losing weight s l o w l y, but for the first time it does not feel like a chore as you put it and I am not stressed about it as well....It's all good! congrats to you and to me.....YEAH

HEATHOG Posts: 65
10/4/12 9:09 A

Weigh to go!! Can't wait until I'm there, too.

PURSUEJOY Posts: 618
10/4/12 8:54 A

Way to go!!!! This is great!!! Rub some of this magical formula off on all the rest of us, while we work our way to that territory!!!! Yea for you!!!
emoticon emoticon emoticon

MIRITIT29 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (5,419)
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10/4/12 8:27 A

Great inspiration! Lately I also feel that exercising has become part of my lifesytle however I'm still struggling with portion control and healthy eating...:)

keep up the good work1

LOVELY_ROSES SparkPoints: (0)
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10/4/12 8:18 A


MISSMARY3 SparkPoints: (239,667)
Fitness Minutes: (140,166)
Posts: 1,729
10/4/12 8:09 A

Isn't it nice when it becomes a lifestyle instead of a diet? Way to go! Keep up the good work!

JSELLINGTON SparkPoints: (194,215)
Fitness Minutes: (192,617)
Posts: 1,794
10/4/12 8:01 A

You rock!! emoticon Great story. I know what you mean. It is an eye opening moment when that realization hits you. emoticon emoticon emoticon

TEDYBEAR2838 SparkPoints: (230,955)
Fitness Minutes: (139,489)
Posts: 21,308
10/4/12 7:45 A

WEIGH-2-GO emoticon

JANET552 Posts: 28,969
10/4/12 7:42 A

Congratulations on reaching this point!! Thanks too for sharing such an awesome NSV.

POLSKARENIA SparkPoints: (152,382)
Fitness Minutes: (55,952)
Posts: 8,902
10/4/12 7:32 A

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That's brilliant - something for all of us to strive for...

10/4/12 7:31 A

Great job! You have done the hardest thing and most important thing: turning your healthy eating and exercise habits into your normal lifestyle. More people should do that and we would have less health problems.

My husband has heart disease in his family. We have had to make initially tough choices on eating habits and exercise and have also been living that way for almost 20 years. We have raised our two teenage daughters that way also. Healthy choices are a way of life for us. Yeah sometimes I miss meat (we are vegetarian/vegan because of his genetic chloresterol issues) but I don't miss the muffin top and feeling sluggish.

Keep up the good work!

PRAYINGHANDS35 SparkPoints: (37,238)
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Posts: 758
10/4/12 7:21 A

Keep up the good work. And thank you for sharing. emoticon

MIRAMIRA3 Posts: 30
10/4/12 7:04 A

Many thanks for your answer,

Seems I need to put a plan and commit with it because I lost and gained so much in my life that my body feels & looks terrible, lazy and very tired of that struggle.

JGRAY76 Posts: 2,515
10/4/12 6:58 A

Sounds like you have made a real life change so congratulations! And for MIRAMIRA3, don't rush your goal. Plan to lose just 1 - 2 lbs a week. So figure your weight loss goal and then back into how long you want to plan to lose it. Go for it!!!

MIRAMIRA3 Posts: 30
10/4/12 6:42 A

How long did it take you to achieve this goal & what was the most vocal point, because seems I have the very same weight you had at the beginning and I am wishing to reach your goal.



LINKYSD Posts: 9,897
10/4/12 6:41 A

Good for you! emoticon

THEIS58 SparkPoints: (154,728)
Fitness Minutes: (50,315)
Posts: 5,250
10/4/12 6:33 A

Feels great to achieve a goal and maintain it

MIRAMIRA3 Posts: 30
10/4/12 6:10 A

Great advance for you, congratulations

How long it takes you to have that awesome feeling??

Have a good day

LOGOULD SparkPoints: (111,111)
Fitness Minutes: (64,031)
Posts: 4,494
10/4/12 5:42 A


10/4/12 5:36 A

emoticon It is definitely the emoticon feeling to create those healthy habits...after all, it is now a habit. emoticon emoticon

10/4/12 5:32 A

I love this and how you realise you have new thinking!

Debb :)

ZZLEESCH SparkPoints: (13,193)
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10/4/12 5:21 A


LOVEXAVIE SparkPoints: (42,809)
Fitness Minutes: (48,231)
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9/12/12 9:03 P

You are making it a lifestyle and that's wonderful.
Great job! Sending good thoughts to your kitty....
emoticon emoticon

IS1GAR SparkPoints: (121,196)
Fitness Minutes: (69,671)
Posts: 1,993
9/12/12 7:46 P


IGSBETH SparkPoints: (184,497)
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9/12/12 6:12 P

Way to go!

MERRY_XMAS Posts: 392
9/12/12 4:35 P


SCGAALMOM Posts: 232
9/11/12 10:02 A

You know, I haven't thought of it like that before, but you're absolutely right. It's a good day when you realize this is just what you do. Thanks for the reminder and keep up the great work! emoticon

EMERALDWARE SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,173)
Posts: 134
9/11/12 9:24 A

So I've been feeling like I haven't put as much effort into my weight loss goals lately, however the pounds have been coming off pretty successfully anyways.

At first I was worried that the loss would slow down since I didn't feel like I was trying hard enough. Then, after reviewing my food/exercise logs I realize that it's not that I'm doing worse in my calories in/calories out equation... it's just that since eating right and exercise is now NO LONGER FEELING LIKE A CHORE, it feels easier.

So, I guess it's time to up my workout intensity, but I really like this feeling that now eating right and working out just feels like something that's NORMAL and not a trial. I never thought that day would come.

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