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3/25/14 10:46 P

1200 calories a day, especially for what you are doing, isn't enough. Your body is telling you it NEEDS more food.

It might be having a hard-boiled egg, or a few nuts as one sack, and perhaps a smoothie or peanut butter on wholegrain bread as another, will be sufficient.

The other thing is that it is quite possible you dropped your calories suddenly. I did this going from 1650-1850 calories most days to 1400 calories no range. I suffered nausea, light-headedess and often woke in the middle of the night with the nausea AND severe hunger PAINS. I went back up and gradually went down - 50 calories per week until I got back to the 1400 calories.

Good luck,

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3/25/14 7:16 P

I'd say if you've been up for six hours and you're hungry, go ahead and have lunch! Tell everyone else it's breakfast if it makes you feel better, but when you need a meal, you need a meal. I completely agree that a snack won't cut it after a certain point and will only end up making you want to eat more.

And please dont' think you need to stick to just 1300 calories a day to lose weight, even to lose weight pretty well. You have a moderately active lifestyle, it sounds like; and even a sedentary woman would be encouraged to try to average about 1350-1400 calories a day (not 1200); you'd likely do just fine a few hundred above that. Many woman here who are moderately active, including myself, have lost just great in the 1500-1800 range -- without driving ourselves nuts with hunger.

In the long run and sometimes even the short run, going too much lower than what your body needs in terms of energy will do you no favors. Keep yourself comfortable and you'll do better.

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3/25/14 5:18 P

I agree, you just need to eat more. 1200 calories is the minimum for a sedentary woman, which it doesn't sound like you are, not the top of your calories range.

Try eating closer to 1550 and see how you feel. It also works to vary calorie counts, with some days lower and some higher.

If you are truly hungry, (not just craving food) you need to eat.

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3/25/14 12:12 P

Here's the biggest clue: "but I feel hungry most of the day."

You literally should never feel hungry like that.

1 - Some days you are going to be doing more. Your body simply needs more calories that day. if your range is 1200-1500, some days you will eat 1200, some days 1350, some days 1475, some days 1292....and every different number is correct for that day.

2 - Do not obsesses over the "magic" number of 1200. It's really not a healthy approach to this.

3 - Think of your calories on a weekly intake basis, instead of a daily intake number.

4 - If you are new to this - your body needs to time to adjust to the new lower number. If you were previously eating 2000 a day, then dropped one day to 1200 - well of course you are hungry! Your stomach (the organ, not your tummy) needs time to shrink. Bring the intake number down slowly, by reducing the amount by 200 every 2 days.

5 - Eat plenty of protein, good fats, and fiber to help you feel full and stay full.

6 - Remember, the tortoise wins the race....never the hare. :)

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3/25/14 11:39 A

1200 calories/day is the bare MINIMUM you should be eating. If you made your nutrition tracker public, members could give you more advice.

Also, a good rule of thumb is that you can reliably plan to lose 2-3% of your excess weight in a week (with the appropriate disclaimers about weight loss not being linear, there will be weeks you lose, you stay the same, and weeks you gain). So unless you have 100# or more to lose, 2#/week is unrealistic.

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3/25/14 11:29 A

Hello! I've been having a hard time meeting the 1200 cal a day goal. I want to lose 2 lbs a week, but I feel hungry most of the day.
I wake up at 3 and work until 8 (custodial), I go to school, and then a few times a week I do maintenance and grounds keeping for the apartment complex I live at. I take a swimming class, so I swim between 30-40 minutes twice a week.
The main problem is at 9 in the morning my body really wants lunch, but its too early to eat a meal, and if I snack I exceed the calories.
Any advice or ideas?

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