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DTHOMAS28 Posts: 75
11/30/11 2:46 P

I completely know what u are going thru. I finally cancelled my gym memebrship because it was a waste of time. I would get on the treadmill and run for 12 minutes then bag it and go homebecause it was so boring!!! Then I started hiking but had to stop due to bad weather. Then about a month ago I started going to zumba and it was so fun and I thought I would never get sick of it...well here I am again getting bored. Now I'm doing just dance on my wii at home. My point is that you have to constantly change it up(well some people don't) but just know that u are not alone.

MPLANE37 SparkPoints: (76,437)
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Posts: 2,170
11/30/11 2:16 P

Alternatively you can try it really hard. Try the interval training. Exercise becomes more interesting then. Otherwise it is totally boring.

NETTALYN73 Posts: 117
11/30/11 9:54 A

Try splitting up the time or changing your routine/exercise. I add in the rowing machine to the rotation to break my "blahs" but I also think that for those of use making this a change in life, it is sometime hard not to become burned out. I have not gotten back my consistency since I fell off the wagon after Thanksgiving, but I still try to do something each day and do the best I can on the food. Its part of the ups and downs of life.

BUDIES31771 SparkPoints: (60,703)
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11/30/11 9:13 A

Instead of running on the treadmill, try putting the incline up and walking. The higher the incline the harder it will be, and you will get your heart rate up quick. You will find you won't go as far or as long either, but you will get a great workout.

Try changing the time of day you are working out, to stock your body. If you are doing morning, switch one of your workouts to afternoon or night.

I'm wondering, how much water are you drinking. I know when I am feeling sluggish, it because of my water intake. Drink, drink, drink!!

Lastly, rest is important and also eating enough to fuel your workouts is important too! So as DMJAKES suggested, take time to set up your info in Spark to help compute your correct calorie range! This will only work if you make sure you fill in your fitness goals for the week too!

Don't give up, you will get through it!

DMJAKES Posts: 1,634
11/30/11 8:29 A

Sounds to me like one of two things.....either overtraining (burnout) or undereating. Are you giving yourself a rest day AT LEAST once a week? The body needs time to recover. If that's the case, more than a day may be required. Also, are you doing some strength training? It's an important part of fitness.

Have you set up your info in Spark and let it compute a calorie range for you? If not, I'd do that and see where what you're eating falls. If you already did, is the info accurate for the calories you're burning for exercise, and is your weight goal set for a reasonable date? You don't have a lot to lose, so it's going to come off slowly. You have to fuel your body well for it to do what you ask of it.

If it really is a mental thing (you mention fear), give it some thought.....what are you afraid of? Progress is what you're striving for, not perfection. Perhaps give up the running for now and do intervals on the treadmill? Or maybe a step or zumba class at the gym?

Your body seems to be speaking to you.....listen!!

CATHYJR73 Posts: 3,937
11/29/11 10:46 P

I appreciate these great suggestions because I have been kind of feeling blah in my workouts over the past couple of months so I have to keep pushing myself!!

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
11/29/11 10:40 P

I find if you find a workout that you like you don't have to push yourself to do it. I like walking and I don't have to push myself to do that. I also like lifting weights. Also if I buy myself a new workout outfit that helps. New workout music helps too. Good luck.

MLAN613 Posts: 17,556
11/29/11 1:21 P

Could it possibly be, pardon my bluntness, nearing that time of the month? I know it gets hard for me the week prior.

And we all have times such as these!!! Don't beat yourself up. It's not worth it.

LLM0316 SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 9
11/29/11 12:26 P

Just keep going, even if you just got a short time in that more then others are doing and give yourself credit sometimes we just have a bad day. If you only do a short work out and have time later that day try for a 2nd workout. Best of luck, keep up the great work

BANDORK1023 Posts: 6
11/29/11 11:51 A

I started losing weight (ie. cutting calories and exercising) again about a month ago. So far I've been doing really well with my running...but these past few workouts have been totally blech!! I know I can jog at least 30 minutes yet Sunday i only ran 19 and had to quit. So I gave myself a day to rest yesterday, and today was even worse! I only did 11 minutes on the elliptical and 6 minutes jogging. Granted it was indoors this time, which I much prefer outdoors, but seriously, what is happening? I HATE pushing myself because I spent so long being a perfectionist and verbally abusing myself if I fell short of my expectations. I sense some fear in me, but I don't know of what. Help!!

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