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10/3/11 10:37 A

Everyone is different, and some of the things you mentioned I don't see as age-related at all.

I am 56.
I don't need more sleep - I have always needed 8 hours, even in my 20s.
I don't wake up "more during the night"; in fact, I hardly even wake up once.
My waist is not any thicker than it used to be.

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10/3/11 10:35 A

I'm turning 62 and have no sleep issues. At 50, I was on Prozac which helped me feel normal and not like I was down in a hole. I was taking HRT which helped as I'd had a hysterectomy at 48. I know Dr. Mercola on his web site recommends Vitamin D. You could check him out. I also, find Roby Mitchell, M.D. who is DrFittt on YouTube to be very helpful. He talks about thyroid issues which for many people is a problem. My husband takes Synthroid as he has an issue with no energy that is thryoid related.
I have Gout now, and find I can't eat sugars/starches or it will "flair" so I have to stay away from anything that causes me pain. I look at a donut and think "do I want my big toe joint to be throbbing tonight or not?" So, I can pass on that donut.

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10/3/11 7:22 A


I turned 50 this summer. I noticed that in the past year that my body is slowing down. emoticon
I can't keep long hours like I could 3 years ago. I find I need require more sleep, but I also noticed I wake up more during the night.
I noticed that despite exercising my waist is thicker.
Are these just "age" related issues or am I doing something wrong?

Anyone else out there experiencing any of these issues?

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