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4/7/13 1:12 P

I'll echo some other wise advice given here: Engage the support of a therapist, especially one with experience in helping people with eating disorders. When you call them up, specifically ask this - it'll help weed out therapists less involved in this work. And the idea of recruiting the help of a registered dietitian - I'd make sure it's a professional with "R.D." after their name, because there are a lot of unqualified people out there doling out nutritional advice - and see if your insurance won't cover them. Mine did... They are so creative and helpful!

With that kind of team supporting you, I think you'll find a heartening improvement in this very challenging condition. Whether to count calories or not may depend on the individual, but I don't have the expertise to determine that. Best wishes in your struggle... I know it's a difficult one.

4/6/13 1:42 P

I've struggled with eating disorders most of my life. The counting calories thing can be problematic. I try to see it as a challenge to eat in a healthy way, and not get too restrictive. My goal here at SP is to live a HEALTHY life, not to "get thin."

Share your nutrition tracker with your therapist or a dietician. Being held accountable for your tracking can sometimes keep you from getting carried away. Avoid cutting your carbs and all that. Aim for healthy.

It can get tricky here on SP, but with the right support system, you can do this! (Oh, and there are eating disorder groups here on SP. You might look into joining one, if you think you're up to it.)

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A Therapist and seeing a Registered Dietitian are perhaps two of the best resources you can have. I can understand the fear of calorie counting. How would you go if you used a 9" dinner place and divided 1/4 into protein (Chicken, Fish, Lean Meat, Pulses), 1/4 into Carbs (Brown Rice, Wholemeal Pasta, Potatoes); and the rest into Veges using the rainbow mix of colours on your plate. Changing bread into quality bread with higher fibre, lower sugar and sodium, and good protein plus low saturated and trans fats, and having a few nuts for healthy fats might be helpful for you too.


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This is tough because ED are so complex. My suggestion would be to consider meeting with a licensed Registered Dietitian who works with patients who are or who have suffered from disordered eating, especially since you mentioned diets tend to spin out of control. I am glad you are seeing a therapist--that is definitely a good thing. There are times when we need to bring in other professionals to help us out and this may be one of those times.

Coach Nancy

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4/5/13 8:55 A

I have a history of lots of dieting and a Eating disorder. I am healthy now physically but carry about 50 extra lbs. I have read a lot about recovering and was eating over 2500 cals for a few weeks after a pretty restrictive low carb diet in the winter. I am feeling better overall but - i need to lose some #'s in a healthy way. Its a scary thing to eat and count cals and I really dont know if I should be counting cals.. could i further screw up my metabolism? I'm trying to figure out what works for me as I have also begun excercising and training for a 5k with my friend. I am trying not to research soo much about diets b/c it tends to spin me out of control and make me literally insane with the chatter in my head. I am seeing a therapist and we are also working through alot of "restrictive" stuff from my past. I am seeking the right balance.. of carbs and cals and such that wont mess with my metabolism or interfere with my social life or sanity. Any advice for me?

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