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1CRAZYDOG Posts: 139,797
12/2/11 1:15 P

right knee -- hard date to forget -- 12/24/07 -- yup, that was my Christmas present! Truely it is the best thing I've done (well, besides losing weight SP and adopting a healthier lifestyle).

I was 53 and thought I was just too young for a joint replacement, but clearly my body told me differently.

The left knee is also problematic with osteoarthritis, but haven't had it done YET as with my weight loss, I have absolutely NO problems with it. I wouldn't hesitate, though, when and if it becomes a problem.

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SLOOPY7036 SparkPoints: (61,093)
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Posts: 2,605
12/2/11 12:11 P

left hip - dec 2010
right hip august 2011
a new lease on life for me!

HOAGIE22 SparkPoints: (151,689)
Fitness Minutes: (207,663)
Posts: 5,547
12/1/11 10:31 P

I found I had pain in the soft tissue for almost 2 years. It just slowly went away till one day I noticed I didn't have any pain.

HOAGIE22 SparkPoints: (151,689)
Fitness Minutes: (207,663)
Posts: 5,547
12/1/11 10:28 P

Both knees Feb 2008.

11/27/11 10:40 P

Left Knee - August 2003
Right Knee - October 2006
Still having trouble with my right knee, foot and ankle

DEEDSTER Posts: 29
1/29/11 8:23 P

Right Knee - 2007
Right Hip - 2008
Left Hip - 2010

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FLUFFYBOX Posts: 3,957
1/25/11 9:20 A

Both knees--2004 & 2005


SKEETER13887 Posts: 382
1/25/11 8:52 A

I had a knee replacement 13 months ago. I find that I have plenty of movement and virtually no pain in the joint itself, however I still have difficulty with weakness and pain in the soft tissue surrounding the joint. I want to get the weight off my body to relieve some of the ache. Anyone else have a similar issue?

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GRAMSIECAKES2 Posts: 19,560
8/8/10 7:30 P

I had a total knee replacement done on Nov 30th 2009. The best thing I have ever done!!! I waited 17 years to find a dr that would take a chance as I do have a disease in my leg.

After ten days I was walking with no walker or cane after 17 years. I am doing so great now that the dr has to keep telling me to slow down...Merri

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FRAN0426 SparkPoints: (235,334)
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8/8/10 12:49 A

Partial left knee replacment 3 years ago

ROBP57 Posts: 8
7/31/10 11:56 A

Right Hip! 50 yrs. old! Best thing I did. I like to walk, some tapes, and machines (winter). I'm trying to be consistent but... I won't give up. I'm back at it starting today. No more excuses. emoticon Wish you the best!

FRAN0426 SparkPoints: (235,334)
Fitness Minutes: (125,301)
Posts: 16,885
7/25/10 9:35 P

Partial left knee replacement in 2006

CHIPPEE Posts: 8,338
7/25/10 9:16 P

No, thank you.
Here's hoping that my new lifestyle, losing weight, and exercise helps me avoid either.

RANNA57 SparkPoints: (30,935)
Fitness Minutes: (27,558)
Posts: 2,008
7/25/10 8:38 A

Both knees, 2007

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MARLENE160 Posts: 8,900
7/25/10 7:34 A

Hip Replacement 6/2010

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