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TRY2SHINE Posts: 32
4/27/08 1:08 A

I have hip hop abs but haven't gotten a chance to use it. Turbo jam didn't look like it would be motivating for me. Workout videos need to be able to get you excited enough to keep doing it.

PURPLELVR SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,402)
Posts: 108
4/26/08 10:34 P

i got my TJ in the mail :) cant wait to try it out.. and the best thing. the desc said "like new" on amamzon, and it was brand new (sealed)!!

DREAMGIRL71 SparkPoints: (35,756)
Fitness Minutes: (52,158)
Posts: 709
4/21/08 10:15 P

I really love Turbo Jam. I have abandoned my other dvd's since getting Turbo Jam.

PURPLELVR SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,402)
Posts: 108
4/21/08 9:59 P

i just ordered my turbo jam from amazon!! :)
cant wait until it comes..
how is everyone else doing with it so far?

PURPLELVR SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (2,402)
Posts: 108
3/26/08 11:08 P

does anyone have this one?? how is it, im thinking about buying it!!!

LILBITS1 Posts: 382
3/25/08 2:26 P

I have been doing HHA for a few weeks now, I love it. I really get a good workout, I use my own music to workout to it now that I have the moves down. I got Turbo Jam yesterday and I had to the learn and burn a few times before I could keep up with the video.

JUNETWO68 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (23,655)
Posts: 4,721
3/25/08 1:03 P

Charlene (TJ instructor) is great. I love her.
Shaun T (HHA instructor) is also great but he's so gay and "out there" in the way he says things it makes me laugh.

MISSEYGS Posts: 25
3/25/08 10:15 A

I love Hip Hop Abs!! I have NEVER been one to exercise, but I still am not bored. You might try to split the cost with a friends or relatives. My mother bought it, and my sister and I share the DVD's with her. Keep on movin'!

MSMINDY Posts: 66
3/25/08 10:05 A

This thread is kinda hilarious since I actually came on to see what peoples opinions of Turbo Jam were!!! I just ordered yesterday. Thanks for answering my unasked questions. emoticon

3/25/08 10:03 A

I LOOOOVE Turbo Jam and would definitely recommend it to anyone!

JUNETWO68 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (23,655)
Posts: 4,721
3/25/08 9:37 A

You can get them on eBay too

MISTIE03 Posts: 57
3/24/08 6:54 P

I want to try both of these workouts. I noticed that you can buy the individual DVDs on Amazon. I don't need the whole set of both of them. I think the individual DVDs on Amazon are from the '05 or '06 releases, not the latest ones.

JUNETWO68 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (23,655)
Posts: 4,721
3/24/08 4:27 P

Turbo Jam is by far my favorite over the two.

TINKMYBELZ SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (32,523)
Posts: 1,482
3/24/08 3:13 P

I have HHA and dont care for it too much, he's hard to hear and follow. I think I'm gonna try Turbo Jam.

JUNETWO68 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (23,655)
Posts: 4,721
3/24/08 1:11 P

I just got my last 6 TJ workouts in the mail today!! WHOO HOO!

3/24/08 11:09 A

I love Turbo Jam. I break a sweat from the 20 minute workout. I also want to purchase Hip Hop Abs in the near future.

SHARONH9 Posts: 7
3/23/08 2:43 P

I definitely prefer Turbo Jam over Hip Hop Abs - better music and more intense workout. I have a lot of kickboxing workouts, but Turbo Jam and Turbo Kick are the ones I reach for the most as they are the most motivating.

JUNETWO68 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (23,655)
Posts: 4,721
3/23/08 8:00 A

I got my HHA off eBay but be warned. For some reason they keep deleting the auctions I bid on so I had to go with a "buy it now" one. It's fun but I like TJ much better and have been completing my set on eBay as well.

ZAXAPI Posts: 45
3/23/08 3:01 A

Turbo jam is awesome you should definitely go with that. It is not difficult to learn the moves especially if you follow the learn n burn. Once you have done it for a while you will look forward to doing it everyday because its fun and doesn't feel like a serious workout. But you will the effect on your body the next day.

HOTIN07 Posts: 129
3/15/08 11:03 P

I have both of these sets... i was reading some reviews on HHA before i purchased it last weekend, and i saw you can download them on, I'm not sure if thats the correct spelling since i didnt actually go there but i'm pretty sure the person who posted said if you google HHA and utorrent it will pop up. I hope that helps. I've never seen these on netflix or (i had both subscriptions). I find turbo jam I sweat WAYYYYYYYYYYY more, but im only in the beginning stages of HHA and its really cold in my house this time of year haha.. No summer heat yet to kick that sweat up faster. I downloaded two from You can down load lime wire at and its under audio section.
I've lost 20 but put it back on so i'm starting over again.....Good luck everyone! Hope that helps...

SAMUELSM Posts: 1,355
1/1/08 11:59 P

Hip Hop Abs

ALYCURRY Posts: 42
1/1/08 11:36 P

LOL. Good info!

1/1/08 10:54 P

Hi. I am a beachbody junkie. I have almost all of their products. I'll give you a short and brief review of each one (of course, this is my opinion).

Turbo Jam- By far my favorite one of the beachbody products. It's very intense, and you work every muscle in your body- even muscles you didn't know you have! I did turbo jam everyday for 4 months and lost 30 lbs. It works, if you stick with it. While wearing my heart rate monitor, I burned upwards of 400 calories per hour. The great thing about these workouts is that you can bring the intensity up or down by modifying the moves, and there are people in the videos doing just that! Chalene (the instructor) is very peppy, motivating, and funny. She's got a real likeability factor. Plus there are a lot of videos to choose from if you need variety. The music is FANTASTIC! I would recommend these videos to anyone from beginner to advanced. You need quite a bit of room for this one. I would recommend 4 feet by 4 feet at the least.

Slim in 6- I am currently doing the Slim in 6 series, and I am on Day 4. These videos are repetitious and I think I am going to get very bored, but I can feel my body changing in just 4 days. The first video, Start it Up, I found very easy, but the second is more challenging, and from what I hear, the third is a KILLER! The music is horrid, but I just put on my own tunes and crank it up. Debbie, the instructor, is motivating and you feel alright if you have to stop or it's too intense. She shows you how to modify. I recommend these for a beginner or intermediate.

Hip Hop Abs- Fun, Dancey, and overall a good short workout. This is the kind of workout you don't realize you're doing. Shaun T is funny and easy to look at :) but his lingo and voice kind of bother me. I tend to like female instructors because I can visualize what I want to look like. I also like the variety in these routines and the music is great, too. Overall pretty good.

Power 90 and Power 90x- I have both of these. I started out trying the X last year, and it was WAYYY too hard, so I got the Power 90. Power 90x is incredible for people looking to tone/build muscle and that are advanced exercisers. Power 90 is very doable, but not nearly as fun or exciting. I don't care for the music or instructor because he's boring.

Okay, there's my speil. If anyone wants to know anything about The Firm or Urban Rebounder, I have those too!! LOL. Can you say infomercial junkie? I think I'm the worst! :)

ALYCURRY Posts: 42
1/1/08 10:39 P

So glad I found this board. I'm such a sucker for infomercials...those before/after stories get me every time! Especially anything produced by Beachbody. lol.

Question...(and this is pretty dumb) but how much room is needed to do Hip Hop Abs or Turbo Jam? Also, do either of these require extra equipment? I was thinking that Turbo Jam had something or maybe that was P90x?

Yes, eBay - great idea for purchasing.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! emoticon

KAYDIA Posts: 5
1/1/08 9:20 P

I have hip hop abs and I've been lazy. I did it for about a week and then stopped. I guess I didn't see results quick enough lol then again I wouldn't in one week.

Is Hip hop abs best for losing weight or just toning up? Should I go for Turbo Jam to lose the pounds?

I'm curious to know.

RAYNNE413 Posts: 469
12/28/07 2:09 P

I have Slim in 6. The music is horrendous, and the first two videos in the series are ridiculously easy, but the 3rd is kicking my butt! Literally. LOL Luckily, you can mute the music and still hear the cueing, so I play my own music in the background.

LIGHTERRED SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (460)
Posts: 258
12/28/07 11:00 A

This week I tried both:

Turbo Jam - Cardio Party 1
Hip Hop Abs - Fat Burning Cardio

I believe TJ is more complete and makes you sweat much more (longer too). It's pretty much hardcore aerobics/fitness. Not as much dancing as I had anticipated (considering the "Party" title).

Hip Hop Abs is real hip hop dancing! You do not feel like you're working out: you're dancing! It's only 30 minutes and you do break a sweat, just not as much as TJ.

NSG4729 Posts: 447
8/18/07 10:57 A

I have had Turbo Jam for just a week and its awesome. I think when I get obored with these, I wil try Hip Hop Abs or Slim in six (even though I hear the music is boring, the workout seems to be great).

BRADYSMUM Posts: 132
6/24/07 10:02 P

Just for the record, my boyfriend bought me TJ, the Ab Jam and Cardio party one.

LAUCHREMI SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 450
6/12/07 8:41 A

I meant Hip Hop Abs - my bad.

LAUCHREMI SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 450
6/12/07 8:41 A

There's a site where you can get a whole kit thing there for the Turbo Jam... not just the videos for the price of the video. It's where I check in my exercise (I could always use some workout partners, if you guys are interested). If you want, it's - anyway...

BONOGIRL Posts: 184
6/12/07 1:19 A

There are some really neat fitness DVDs available on Netflix. Turbo Jam or Hip Hop Abs are not rented through it though. :( I had to bite the bullet and ordered TJ this weekend.

USNWIFE05 Posts: 4
6/12/07 1:06 A

I'm glad someone started this topic because I have the same question! I actually have Netflix but I can't seem to find Hip Hop Abs or Turbo Jam on the site. Has anyone actually found those sites on the Netflix site? If so, what key words did you use to search? I just used the name of the dvds and it didn't show up anything. Thanks for any help! :)

6/11/07 5:33 P

Someone suggested for free online workouts. I checked them out and they have a really good selection; you might try them!

The cheapest Netflix is actually 5.99/month with a 2-DVD maximum. Now that they offer the "Watch Now" feature, you'd include 6 hours of online viewing to that, so it's really like 5 DVDs per month for $6, or if you use your 6 online hours for workout tapes (40 min-1 hr each), 8 or more DVDs for $6/month.

So, even though I'm sure people could get workout tapes cheaply w/o Netflix (for instance at the used DVD/VHS sales, they are like $2-$3 each) it might be worth it if you take into account the online viewing option.

BRADYSMUM Posts: 132
6/11/07 5:21 P

I have yet to find a video store that does rent fitness videos up here in Canada. I wish I could afford Netflix!

IRISHGIRL531 Posts: 35
6/11/07 1:20 P

I rented Hip Hop Abs from our local video store, so that I could try them first. Then I bought the set. Is there anywhere nearby where you could rent them first? That way you can be sure before buying!
It helped me.....

LAUCHREMI SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 450
6/11/07 12:56 P

You can get all those dvds you guys are talking about at

I've heard the hip hop abs is great, but hard to keep up with.

TURBOGIRL826 Posts: 1,831
6/9/07 6:55 A

There is a Hip Hop Abs program that is led by Shaun T. It has various workouts like Fat Burnin' Cardio, Ab Sculpt, and Total Body Burn. There is also a workout within the Yoga Booty Ballet program that is called "Hip Hop Abs." Both programs (Hip Hop Abs and Yoga Booty Ballet) are sold by Beachbody. Just an FYI!

I have both Turbo Jam and Hip Hop Abs. I LOOOOOVE Turbo Jam!!! I have the complete series. There is not one workout that I got done and thought "well that didn't work me" or "that was such a waste of my time!" If you love to dance and sweat up a storm, then I would recommend TJ. HHA is really good too. I did Total Body Burn last night and I can feel it this morning! I've heard very advanced exercisers saying that both programs did not offer enough of a challenge for them, but I've been working out for a good portion of my life and I find both challenging.

I hope this helps!


6/9/07 6:11 A

Hip Hop Abs comes with the YBB set. It's one of the YBB Live DVD's. The other one is a caberet one which is also fun! There is no ab workout on that one, though but it's good for a switch up.

6/8/07 7:23 P

Is hip hop abs the same workout that comes with Yoga Booty Ballet or is it a different workout?

Who teaches Hip Hop Abs? Is it taught by those same YBB ladies?

6/8/07 7:09 P

If you have Comcast On Demand, sometimes they show the Yoga Booty Ballet workouts in the exercise section. Keep checking for it because that would be an awesome way to try it out!

BONAR81 SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (6,162)
Posts: 833
6/6/07 1:24 A

Have you tried Ebay? that is where I purchased my turbo jam set from and it was brand new but much cheaper. I am sure you could find the Hip hop abs much cheaper too.

DAWN475 Posts: 154
6/5/07 11:25 P

I'm 99% positive QVC sells it. They usually sell things a little cheaper.

LYDJOYS Posts: 81
6/5/07 9:40 P

I ahev both, and I LOVE them both. To me, I use the moves more with Hip hop abs. They tend to stick in my brain so I'm doing them even without the video throughout the day. Anything in that series is great though. I also love the bollywood one as well.

6/5/07 8:39 P

Oh, and Turbo Jam is a GREAT workout. If you can, try to buy both so you can switch it up a bit!

6/5/07 8:37 P

Is there any website I can buy Hip Hops Abs WITHOUT having to spend 80 dollars? :-/ And should I go straight to Level 2 b/c I consider myself a pretty good dancer :-/ Unless there's more to it than that...

6/5/07 8:26 P

I love dance aerobics stuff. I've been doing TJ over a year, and I love it. I've seen the infomercials for Hip Hop Abs, and it looks fun, but I haven't got the money to buy any of those DVDs right now.

DPOULSEN21 Posts: 397
6/5/07 3:04 P

I've got them both, and I love them both - I rotate the two of them (along with a strength/circuit training dvd).

As far as coordination, I think both of them are about at the same level. Might take a couple/few times before you have them down, but they are both relatively easy to pick up the routines quickly. I feel like a huge dork whenever I am forced to dance in public, but I'm able to do the Hip Hop Abs stuff - so you definitely don't need to be a good dancer.

I have both Level 1 and Level 2 of Hip Hop Abs though. I only have the one set of Turbo Jam. If I could only afford one package, I think I'd go with Turbo Jam because there are more cardio options (the 15-minute "burn" from learn and burn, the 20-minute workout and the 45 or so minute cardio party in the 2-DVD set I have, at least).

DAWN475 Posts: 154
6/5/07 2:56 P

I love Turbo Jam! It works every part of your body and I have yet to get bored of it. Chalene really keeps me motivated.
I don't have Hip Hop Abs but I hear it's good. But I also heard you have to be very coordinated because it's very dancy.

BRADYSMUM Posts: 132
6/5/07 1:17 P

Both look interesting to me and I'd like to buy one of them. Which one should I get?

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