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8/21/13 7:31 P

Geocaching promotes Hiking emoticon
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8/21/13 3:57 P

Trailtrodder, what a great story! I'm a big hiker, too (big as in enthusiastic, lol). My sister and I recently did a lot of awesome trails in the Columbia River/Gorge area in Washington and Oregon. Beautiful scenery and flowers galore. We also did a week of hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park (in the Estes Park area) last year, and it was absolutely stellar. I live in New England, and there are tons of places to hike in just about every state. You can get the mountains, the woods and the beach all in one in Acadia National Park in Maine. Vermont and New Hampshire have some gorgeous areas (in many of the ski resort towns) that offer some spectacular views. I recently hiked up Mount Kearsarge in New Hampshire. A total 360 view. It was awesome!

I have never really done any prairie hiking, but now I'm definitely curious. What places would you recommend?

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8/21/13 3:41 A

Jan and I really enjoy hiking in mountain forests and wilderness areas, but since we live in the heartland we have a love for the prairie. We are currently studying the various ecosystems that make up the prairie. We want to gain more knowledge so that we can be better presenters about this environment. We both love watching others get excited when they hike the trails of the prairie for the first time. They love the vastness of the rolling flint hills and you should see their faces when they see the bison. It's something they talk about and will remember forever.

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I have a few pics on my SparkPage.

8/19/13 11:58 A

Wanting to be able to enjoy the outdoors is a major motivator for me. My bf is an avid birder, and over the past few years we have visited several of the National Wildlife Refuges in the northeast, some of them many times. We go out birding most of every weekend. Besides the interesting thrill of finding a new bird, we are outside in the natural light and beauty of nature. Most National Wildlife Refuges have trails, some very challenging hikes, but many easy walks -- some even wheelchair accessible (important to me because my twins use wheelchairs)!

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8/19/13 11:46 A

How romantic!!!!

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8/19/13 8:45 A

That's pretty neat!

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My BF and I hike Lake Tahoe and surrounding areas as we both live about an hour away. So many beautiful trails with amazing waterfalls. We pack a picnic lunch to have at the summit which is always the falls. I would recommend if you've never been. Happy Trails!

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8/19/13 7:04 A

My DH is my Ironman 70.3 cycling coach....we cycle every Sunday together on my 3 hr ride....we have a great time

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8/18/13 12:40 P

I have started hiking at least once a week. and would love to meet somebody to hike with me :)

I love hearing stories like this.

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8/18/13 12:20 A

Love nature hikes

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8/18/13 12:19 A

that's really cute... I haven't started hiking as its too intimidating for me still but once I'm more fit I can't wait to start

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8/17/13 11:52 P

omg really? :D Aww that's so sweet... congratulations to both of you emoticon

- Danny :)
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8/17/13 10:39 P

It was the mutual love of the outdoors and SparkPeople that brought my wife and I together. I met her on these very pages. We both love hiking and we hit the trails often. We love to travel and we schedule 3 or 4 vacations to hike and see the country. Looking for other couples to share their hiking stories and would like to learn about good areas with plenty of trails.

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