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8/7/11 11:56 P

Sounds like a fantastic hike!!

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8/7/11 11:48 P

Way to go! Sounds like a lot of fun!

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8/7/11 8:20 P

Sounds like a great time!

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Woohoo -- congrats on reaching such great goals and sharing with us to motivate others. Hiking is an amazing way to get fitness minutes.


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8/7/11 7:42 A

You are really enjoying the fitness minutes and that is the key to making exercise fun. I have hiked the place you mentioned and it is very beautiful.
Thank you for the trip down memory lane with your descriptions of what you saw.
I wish you well on your goal to be able to hike again. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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8/7/11 5:46 A

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8/7/11 3:55 A

Friday I hiked from Brighton to Sunset Peak. I hiked past 3 lakes, viewed 2 others. I counted 30-40 varieties of wildflowers in bloom. I crossed into another county without knowing it. I stood atop a summit 10648 feet in elevation with views in all directions.

My destination was the saddle between canyons, but when I got there, the sign said it was .3 miles to the peak. There was no way I was going to pass that up when I was so close. After crossing to the other side of the mountain I was quite surprised to find myself hiking in sand at 10,000 feet!

I used to hike in my younger, skinnier days, then my life was trashed by carbon monoxide poisoning and I put on 170 pounds. I hiked as many as 20 miles in a single day back then and it seemed so much easier. Of course that was 20+ years ago, too. But in being able to hike to the top of a mountain with a significant amount of elevation felt like I had reclaimed something precious.

Saturday, after Boot Camp, I hiked again up another trail. Due to time constraints, I wasn't able to reach the destination, but I still saw some beautiful scenery only reached by foot or parachute. There is something very empowering by reaching such remote and rugged spots under your own power.

Two days cardio: 520 minutes. A little extreme, some might say, but I want to be able to go backpacking again and be able to hike 7 or 8 hours on occasion like I used to.

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